Are We Connected? Introduction to the Spring 2011 Issue


Author: The SuperConsciousness Editorial Team

Are We Connected? Introduction to the Spring 2011 Issue

Theoretists and philosophers in mid-20th Century argued that life somehow emerged accidentally out of formlessness and chaos. But thinking has begun to change as our scientific observation tools — space telescopes to proton microscopes — have evolved. Time and again an underlying enigmatic order is arising into visibility and awareness: indications of a barely discernable framework that appear to encompass and connect everything through fields of energy and information. Today this phenomenon is only beginning to be explored and understood.

Are these scientific discoveries revolutionary? Or are they merely confirming what indigenous cultures have always known and understood?

Since before recorded history primeval peoples have embraced interconnectedness as a fundamental perception of life, inextricable and divine. It is the window through which their eyes see and their hearts experience. Materialistic-based cultures, on the other hand, struggle to comprehend such so-called primitive ideas and, subsequently, any perception of life’s interconnectivity remains a theoretical abstraction. Such intellectual detachment may have helped to propel humanity forward, but at what cost to the earth’s environmental sanctity?

At SuperConsciousness we asked, “What does the future hold for humanity? A world driven only by dispassionate technology as some futurists suggest? Or will we evolve to couple an undaunted passion for change with the sacred knowledge and wisdom of the ancients?” To bring some insights into our innate potential, the SuperConsciousness editorial team brought together fifteen voices from both the world of science and the underworld of traditional, native peoples.

To open our interconnectedness theme, SuperConsciousness’ newest Associate Editor Jaime Leal-Anaya’s provides a poignant historical overview. He addresses some of the problems associated with the slowly evolving western mindset, and provides a valuable overview which helps us to better understand that, despite our problems, humanity is growing and evolving.

Salisbury University professor Joan Maloof beautifully weaves quantum physics and Thomas Berry into her eloquent passion for ecology — the relationship between organisms and their environment — into her essay, “Holy Web.”

Did you know that NASA is involved in more than space travel? In fact a significant percentage of their budget is dedicated to expanding the knowledge base on earth’s atmospheric systems. Enjoy this interview with NASA Fellowship Engineer, Dr Paul Racette, as he describes how this information helps to create better policy.

For this issue’s featured interview, publisher Jair Robles speaks with Society of Scientific Exploration President Dr William Bengston about hands-on healing. Bengston presents his fascinating research conducted over decades that clearly shows how cancer has been healed repeatedly through intention, by ordinary people who do not consider themselves either psychic or spiritual.

What is Entanglement? SuperConsciousness’ new Contributing Editor Suzanne Nichols provides us with a wonderfully clear explanation. Quantum physics has never been easier to understand. She also brings stunning insight into the nature of LOVE, as personal, brotherly, and divinely unifying.

Editor-in-Chief Danielle Graham and Mark 'syk 'Amen' Johns-Colson, a Chehalis hereditary spiritual leader, come together to share and bring to the world a clear, Native American understanding of ancient knowledge. What do indigenous people know that the west is only beginning to become aware of? Enjoy this short lesson from Johns-Colson’s spiritual father Bruce ‘subiyay’ Miller, as well as Mark’s own teaching story about the spiritual value of living close to the earth.

No discussion on interconnectivity would be complete without including communication technologies, particularly when social networking tools have recently had such profound political impact around the world. Enjoy author David Kirkpatrick’s insights into the Facebook phenomenon with an excerpt from his bestseller, The Facebook Effect.

What would happen if you and your family disconnected completely from the internet and cell phones? Would you survive? Thrive? Find out how Susan Maushart’s family fared when they lived through this experiment for six months, Maushart reported her experiences in the new release, The Winter of Our Disconnect.

Author Gregg Braden recently penned The Language of the Divine Matrix, where he presents some of the latest findings showing that our experience of the world mirrors our beliefs, and how we are indeed entangled in the very fabric of our own minds.

As Spring emerges from the slumbering of winter dreams, everyone at SuperConsciousness wishes you and your family health, happiness, anda greater awareness of the interconnectedness of all life.

Do you perceive Interconnectedness as an “abstract concept,” or, “just the way things are?” Tell us about your experiences below.

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