Knowing the Future is Innate if We Would But Listen

Written By: Danielle Graham

Knowing the Future is Innate if We Would But Listen - Danielle Graham

Once upon a time, a friend of mine took her two very young children to a playground that had swings and slides and merry-gorounds, and was situated next to an elementary school. It was a Sunday, so the buildings next to the playground were abandoned when she arrived. After a short while, a van pulled up with two men. The young girl looked like she was perhaps nine years old, but to this mother she seemed oddly out of place with her male companions. The men began to play with the girl on the equipment while at the same time began moving closer to the mom and her children, attempting to engage conversation.

Despite the men’s friendly words, alarms were going off inside this mom as if there were a voice in her head screaming, “Get the hell out of there.” She listened to that warning, picked up her kids, and began walking towards her car. The men casually followed her, but she was expedient enough to get herself and her children inside, locking the doors immediately. She drove away quickly without even putting her children into their car seats, and continued to drive for quite some time until she felt confident that she was not being followed.

The following day, prominently placed on the front page, her local newspaper posted a police sketch of one of the men she had seen at the playground the day before. The accompanying text to the photo asked the public to be on the watch for that man and to call 911 if he was spotted because he was a child-kidnapping suspect and was wanted for murder. Immediately, my friend was able to connect her own knowingness with the knowledge that she had successfully removed herself and her children from harm’s way, and that they lived to see another day.

Recently, a new acquaintance of mine, a lady friend who had recently moved to our rural area from New York City, was murdered while she was taking a bicycle ride along a public trail, and her tragic death has sent ripples throughout our community. The horrible circumstances surrounding her passing have given me great pause and an opportunity for much contemplation regarding the nature of prescience.

Knowing the Future is Innate if We Would But Listen - Danielle Graham

I recently turned fifty-six years old, yet I feel youthful and vibrant, and perceive myself as still capable of doing anything I set my mind to. Yet, with much puzzlement, I have had dozens of friends pass within the last couple of years. Those many deaths as well as the above mentioned tragic murder have left me with a much deeper level of appreciation of just how delicate and precious life truly is – lived through a physical, human body. I may, at times, perceive an illusion of material continuity and strength, but what has become so very clear is that the thread that binds our spirit, our soul, and our mind to this gift of an inhabitable physical body is both fragile and robust, and my deep respect for that tender balance has been renewed.

Immersed within a newly realized level of appreciation for this extraordinary opportunity we call “human life,” I have also begun to wonder about the innate ability humans demonstrate for seeing and knowing the future, why some people’s ability seems more awakened than others, and how very important it is for everyone to develop that skill-set.

Brain functionality, from an engineering perspective, is really easy to understand. Basically it operates as both an information sender and receiver, much like a cell phone. And, like cell phones, different conversations (or information) are carried on different frequencies. What is not yet well understood within the neurological and physical sciences are the breadth of frequency (energy) and information (what many people currently refer to today as consciousness) from which our brains are able to access information.

The main thematic content for this issue includes an excerpt from Larry Dossey’s most recent book, The Science of Premonitions, and within it’s pages are anecdotes, one after another, in which people from a broad spectrum of life, professionals and lay people alike, have experienced non-local connectedness – seeing or perceiving the future. His astute observations about the phenomenon of prescience are that they correlate with and are mediated by the state of a person’s emotions, specifically the higher frequency emotions of love and compassion. Further, Dossey provides a clear and rational basis, not only for this innate human ability, but also the reasons why we should intentionally develop this capacity: To evolve ourselves from being victims of the future to aware creators of the future. I cannot recommend this excellent book enough as a starting point to understand more about how very common the accessing of information (or consciousness) from the future actually is.

Further, I would like to suggest that it is quite possible that the frequency spectrum of love and compassion serves as the carrier frequency by which we are able to access non-linear or out-of-time events. However, in the short space I have in this column is not enough to further extrapolate a feasible neurological explanation and provide a rigorous argument for our innate capacity to “see the future.”

Our Winter 2010 issue of SuperConsciousness Magazine will be focused on “The Future.” Within those pages, I will be presenting evidence that shows how our brains are able to access information out of time. It is my hope that having a clear and rational explanation for this phenomenon will inspire you to want to explore the development of your own innate skills to “see the future.”

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Danielle Graham is a founding editor and current Editor-in-Chief of SuperConsciousness Magazine, and is a published (American Institute of Physics) experimental researcher. She is primarily interested in contributing to and advancing scientific understanding generally, and evolving the field of physics specifically — relational to human mind.

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