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Thank you for this article.

It is true that meditation has positive results and the key is - it is sustainable - but it takes WORK, COMMITTMENT, and FAITH at the start - then it becomes your TRUTH and the Truth for others as RESULTS will prove.

I am so thankful I discovered meditation and used it to overcome abuses and trauma that were diagnosed as incurable. We all have the "healing powers within" and this is our connection with source or creation as our True or Higher Self.

I just wanted to add this information as it is no mystery - it is the fact that we connect with cause (source/creation/God) through meditation - that results in an effect - that is for the highest good for all concerned.

To me this is the part we leave out that keeps meditation in its mystery - and it is (unfortunately) the part that many people resist or deny as they have a false understanding of their connection to source/creation/God as their Higher Self.


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