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Dear Steve Taylor,

I really enjoyed your article.

There is a book that you would love very much a book titled "The Child Within Us Lives! A Synthesis of Science, Religion and Metaphysics" By William Samuel.

William passed away a few years after he finished writing that book, getting that one last book written was, he says, his reason for being here.

It is a profound, intelligent and mystical book. I have posted some excerpts from it on the website (I was given all his work and keep it published). The excerpts should really be read in the full context of the book, but I share them nonetheless.

This is a book written for these times we are in now, rather prophetic since he wrote the book in 1986. William was very special, he writes nothing based on speculation, as William Lived , tested and prove what he writes about.

One more thing that might encourage you to read this book. William Samuel was the first American to visit Ramana Maharshi. That was 1942, when William was a 21 year old infantry captain during WWII in China. You can read an interesting story of that time here at my blog:

And there is a short biography of William which can be found on this website:

Well, thank you and I hope you read this book, you will be amazed and delighted that you did. Sandy


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