Newton Homeopathics

website: https://newtonlabs.net
contact email: info@newtonlabs.net
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Newton Homeopathics
2360 Rockaway Industrial Blvd. Conyers, GA 30012
Phone #: 1-800-448-7256
Fax #: 1-800-760-5550
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NEWTON homeopathics was established in 1987 and is located in Conyers, GA; a suburb of Atlanta. Its foundation is built upon the expertise of Dr. Luc Chaltin, a Belgian-born homeopathic practitioner for nearly 50 years and a leader in the field of clinical homeopathy. In addition to manufacturing the finest homeopathics available, NEWTON is dedicated to public and professional education in the field of natural healing and homeopathy. In addition, NEWTON homeopathics supports the American Academy of Clinical Homeopathy (AACH), also founded by Dr. Chaltin, to provide continuing education to both health practitioners and laypeople in the field of homeopathy and natural health. For more information, visit www.aachomeopathy.com.

NEWTON homeopathics is an FDA registered pharmaceutical manufacturing facility and prepares all of its remedies in strict accordance with the Homeopathic Pharmacopeia of the United States (HPUS). All of our complexes and single remedies are made by hand, using only certified gluten-free organic alcohol and the highest quality herbs and medicinal substances. NEWTON homeopathics is a member of the Natural Products Association, the American Association of Homeopathic Pharmacists and the American Pet Products Manufacturers Association.