Paradise Valley Wellness Centre

website: http://www.paradisevalleywellnesscentre.com
contact email: info@paradisevalleywellnesscentre.com
Company Information
Paradise Valley Wellness Centre
3501 Paradise Valley Road Squamish, BC. Canada
Phone #: 1-888-802-3001
Fax #: 604-892-3003
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Paradise Valley Wellness Centre is an inpatient coed adult facility specializing in the treatment of addiction and trauma.

The centre promotes balance and integration of mind, body, and spirit.

Our clinical program involves a collaborative bio-psychosocial and spiritual assessment. Clients experience a high standard of care with highly trained and compassionate healthcare professionals committed to providing the safety and expertise needed to work on underlying issues. The Centre uses innovative evidence-based techniques and well-known established therapies. Treatment plans are customized to meet clients’ needs. With a maximum of 16 residential clients, a tremendous level of care and attention is assured.