Trivedi Foundation

website: http://www.trivedifoundation.org
contact email: manager@trivedifoundation.org
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Trivedi Foundation
4158 Cardinal Court Northbrook, Illinois 60062 USA
Phone #: 877-493-4092
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The Trivedi Foundation was established in 2009 to co-sponsor innovative studies with major universities, research centers and laboratories around the world on the Energy Transmissions of Mahendra Kumar Trivedi, known as the Trivedi Effect™, and the impact of these transmissions on living and non-living materials. To date, the beneficial effects of Trivedi's Energy Transmissions have been scientifically validated through more than 4,000 research studies and laboratory tests conducted in the United States, Australia, Canada, Germany, the UK and India in fields as diverse as agriculture, material sciences, microbiology, genetics, and human health.

The primary objective of the Trivedi Foundation is to improve the quality of life and well-being for people on earth. This will be accomplished in part by Trivedi's proven ability to create abundant, disease-free and highly nutritious crops, uncontaminated and pure water, and a clean and unpolluted environment.