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You may not know it, but your brain is just like a muscle. And just like your muscles need training to grow stronger, your brain needs training if you want to increase your smarts. And worse, your brain functions begin to degrade when you reach maturity if you do not give it the exercise it craves. This happens even if you lead a normal, healthy life.

Listening to BrainAmp to train your brain will not only increase your IQ, memory, focus and smarts, but it will stop this natural degradation process from occurring.  Like sipping from the fountain of youth, you’ll be able to retain that mental sharpness that only those in their youthful prime get to typically enjoy. Science proves it.

Simply play theproven BrainAmp (audio CD) at your office, home or anywhere for one to two hours a day, to trigger growth within your neural network, and amplify your IQ and brain power within just 7-12 days. On a permanent basis.

Turn on your brain