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Jay Oliver
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Ask anyone who has ever known or worked professionally with Jay Oliver and they will tell you this guy is one of the most gifted and respected musicians you could ever hope to meet.

Jay’s innovative new solo piano release proves it, and is a fresh new sound, full of spirit, emotion, dexterity and depth that goes far beyond the norm. It is the best of jazz, but also of pop, blues, soul and folk. Uniquely, it speaks to anyone; musician or not, and of any age or cultural background.

Perhaps what makes Jay so unique, is his extraordinary culmination of influences. As a pianist/keyboardist, his signature is incredibly rich in diversity and style.

Jay's music is - to put it mildly - refreshing and completely "Outside The Box".

Aside from being one of the top pianists & keyboardists in the world, Jay has the distinction of also being a composer, an innovative producer/programmer, and also a top-notch recording engineer.

Jay resides in Los Angeles, where he has worked extensively in music production since 1990 from jazz to jazz fusion to soundtracks to world music projects to session work of all kinds. Also an entreprenuer, Jay is involved in an innovative research project that uses music and audio to help brain development as well as issues of insomnia.