Dedicated Life Institute

website: http://dli.org/
contact email: mldli@rcn.com
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Dedicated Life Institute
53 Westchester Road Newton, MA 02458-2519
Phone #: 617- 527-8606
Fax #: 617-795-1812
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The Dedicated Life Institute (DLI) exists to develop and celebrate each person's inner calling and wisdom qualities. DLI supports spiritual exploration and growth and is dedicated to making the principles and practices of Buddhism and the essence teachings of many traditions accessible.


The Institute offers seminars for personal enrichment, renewal and professional development; meditation groups and retreats for spiritual growth; and programs in pastoral counseling and spiritual leadership.

Institute programs enable participants to:

  • clarify, grow and exercise a spiritual path and life purpose.
  • integrate spiritual practice and work in the world.
  • experience authentic wisdom and presence.
  • develop a practice that will open and enhance the experience of spiritual teachings.


All work at the Dedicated Life Institute is informed by two working assumptions:

  • Each person can find their own sacred core of wisdom and dedication.
  • This sacred core can be nurtured through work and service guided by teachings and practices from the world's wisdom traditions.