Integrity Research Institute

website: http://www.integrityresearchinstitute.org/
contact email: iri@erols.com
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Integrity Research Institute
5020 Sunnyside Avenue, Suite 209
Phone #: 888-802-5243
Fax #: 301-513-5728
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Integrity Research Institute

Integrity Research Institute (IRI) is a non-profit corporation dedicated to helping establish integrity in scientific research, primarily regarding the physics of energy, whether it is in the technical, human health, or environmental area.

Integrity Research Institute is committed to the revitalizing work of securing our future by investigating and documenting emerging energy technology that is eco-sustaining. Your tax-deductible assistance is invited.

IRI sponsors regular conferences on “future energy” and publishes books, DVDs and CDs related to energy, propulsion and bioenergetics, as well as selected electrotherapy devices. Dr. Tom Valone, President of IRI, also is available for lectures on future energy, electrotherapy developments, energy technology of UFOs, and has appeared on the History, A&E, Discovery, and CNN channels.

Article on SuperConsciousness.com written by President of IRI Dr. Thomas Valone:
Energy of the Future
Energy Medicine Solutions