Everlasting Light Co.

website: http://www.everlastinglightco.com/
contact email: info@everlastinglightco.com
Company Information Phone #: 360-894-1383
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Everlasting Light Co


What would you do with a light that doesn't use electricity or any fuel as we know it, that lights forever? Days and nights go by, weeks, and years pass, decades and it is still lighting. It is just hanging there glowing. Pass it down to the next generation and it is still lighting up their life.

Located in rural Yelm Washington, Everlasting Light Co. sells the most magnificent lighting in the world. Their 2 foot by 2 foot light panels use no power, give off no heat and light forever. From homes to marine use, it does it all in complete safety. Green lighting just doesn’t get any better, be it new construction or remodeling. Everlasting Light Co is devoted to the preservation of our planet. They ship anywhere in the US and Canada.

Visit www.EverlastingLightCo.com for more information about this amazing product!