Deepak Chopra Center

website: http://www.chopra.com
contact email: learn@chopra.com
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Deepak Chopra Center
2013 Costa del Mar Rd. Carlsbad, CA 92009
Phone #: 888.424.6772
Fax #: 760.494.1608
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The Chopra Center is founded on three pillars of timeless wisdom: meditation, ayurveda, and yoga.

These ancient healing traditions and their 5000-year-old principles have been translated by Drs. Chopra & Simon into programs, workshops, and teacher training certifications designed for men and women at critical physical, emotional, and spiritual stages of their lives.

For more than a decade, seekers from all backgrounds and experiences have come to the Chopra Center to learn how to apply these practical tools and techniques in their daily lives. Whether you are a beginner to this realm and are taking your first step, or you are ready to become a teacher and share this wisdom with others, the Chopra Center offers an entry point and program path for all levels of experience and desire.

Deepak Chopra Center