The Spiritual Journey: From Slavery to Enlightenment


Fall 2010 Issue

Introduction to Fall 2010 Spirituality Issue
Author: Danielle Graham

The Spiritual Journey: From Slavery to Enlightenment - Introduction to Fall 2010 Spirituality Issue

Every spiritual journey worthy of engaging always begins with great questions like “Who am I?” and “Where did I come from?” The importance of asking is that the questions themselves become the journey – an adventure into the unknown that we eventually realize lies buried within ourselves.

Many contemporary spiritual practices attempt to answer those important questions with rather nebulous answers like “we are spiritual beings having a human experience.” Though that type of answer may seem to temporarily satisfy some people, for many others, attempting to accept such a phrase is futile without a clear understanding of what “spiritual” really means.

In this issue of SuperConsciousness, we propose an evidence-based answer for the question, “Where did I come from” and an accompanying, revolutionary description of what a “spiritual journey” encompasses:

First, that the human species was scientifically bred from the genetic pools of both the earth-based, slowly evolving humanoids and off-world beings, those the ancient Sumerian tablets refer to as the Anunnaki which translates to “Prince of the Royal (genetic) Seed.”

Second, that the genetic hybrid we now inhabit, Homo Sapiens, was bred specifically for the purposes of slave labor mining, and to confine the functionality of the worker-human, a partition was engineered in the brain limiting access to higher functionality and experience.

Thus, it is our assertion that the “spiritual journey” is all about consciously and intentionally pressing ourselves to activate the dormant areas of our brains for the purpose of evolving ourselves beyond the inherent limitations of its partition, to fully access all knowledge, to expand our awareness and perceptions to include all life, and to experience and make known the unknown.

To open this issue, we present Jason Martell, a brilliant computer industry professional who became fascinated by what appeared to him to be artificial structures on the planet Mars. His passion for knowledge and understanding pressed him through a labyrinth of academic evidence that supported his observations. With keen logic and reasoning, Martell contributes perspectives about the innate similarities observed in human societal behavior with information found on ancient records that clearly document from whence the human race emerged.

If it is true that the partition in our brain prevents us from accessing and understanding the greater mysteries of life, then how are we able to change that? Dr. Andrew Newberg and Mark Robert Waldman present substantive evidence showing that whatever thoughts we entertain do indeed change the very functionality of our brains. All that is required is that we entertain new thoughts and contemplate the mysterious nature of God.

One man’s story of “getting real” about the challenges concerning overcoming long-standing emotional attitudes and limited thoughts is provided by SuperConsciousness Magazine publisher Jair Robles. With intimate detail, he humbly shares his personal journey along with the caveat, “becoming ‘super-conscious’ sounds pretty cool and I’ll share more when I get there.”

Despite significant evidence otherwise, many neuroscientists continue to argue for the materialistic perspective that “consciousness” IS the brain. Distinguished Texas physician and author Dr. Larry Dossey asserts otherwise and offers up a narrative brimming with rigorous research and interesting anecdotes that are surprisingly familiar to most people, and shows that neurologically, knowing the future is an innate human quality.

What are some of the ways that humans press themselves into other parts of the brain to experience greater aspects of themselves? Author Maria Coffey provides insights about the lives of “extreme athletes” and shares how she discovered how common paranormal experiences were in their lives.

Neurosurgeon Allan Hamilton provides additional evidence from his surgical observations about how the “intelligence” that inhabits our body is capable of awareness even when one of his surgical patients is brain dead.

What about criminals and convicts? What value would spirituality bring to their lives? Robin and Beth Casarjian, through their organization The Lionheart Foundation, are bringing hope and redemption to thousands of prisoners by helping them become more self-aware and ultimately taking responsibility for their actions and their lives. Their work provides insight into the very important process of self-forgiveness and moving on for every person who is awakening to their true potential.

If the spiritual journey is an alone journey, then how does a husband, father, pastor – a person who has assumed the responsibility of many people’s well-being tread that path? Princeton Theological Seminary graduate and current executive director of The Monroe Institute [TMI] Paul Rademacher shares some of the insights he has gained from traversing the bridge between more traditional religious practices and his experiences of expanded awareness that eventually led him to TMI.

Is it even reasonable to assume that there is more to know and understand outside the normal human experience? With profound clarity, physicist and astrophysicist Dr. Bernard Haisch argues that the evidence for a supreme creative mind is not only logical, but that all scientific evidence points to the fact that it is inevitable. His brilliant summation challenges both common religious and scientific assumption.

If sex is a normal and natural part of the human experience, in fact it is integral to our very existence as a species, then why has sexuality been consistently excluded from spiritual and religious practices? Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh aka Osho, shares that the freeing of oneself from the guilt and shame often associated with sexuality is an important step along the spiritual path, and provides insights into how to do so.

Our exclusive interview with Dr. Miceal Ledwith, a regular contributor to SuperConsciousness Magazine, provides a unique insight into the life of a man, driven to know and understand God, who reached one of the highest positions within the Catholic Church – then walked away. He shares his personal realizations that there is, indeed, no true division between that material and spiritual; that they are one and the same.

Jerry Jampolsky and Diane Cirincione offer up a lighthearted reminder that the spiritual journey also includes letting go of all our past garbage thoughts and that such “attitudinal healing” is strongly supported by daily doses of laughing at ourselves.

Never before has JZ Knight, this issue’s MINDSCOPE and featured interview, publicly shared information about her dimensional experiences and the knowledge she has gained while acting as conduit for Ramtha the Enlightened One so that he may teach the Ancient Wisdom through her body. After 34+ years of channeling, she has become adept at walking between two worlds, and understands all too well that the true nature of the human is that ultimately – they are the universe. Additionally, she offers a perspective about mankind, and how our greatest hope for the future is the very technology that IS the future.

The creative and business staff of SuperConsciousness Magazine is proud to offer up these pages as our humble testament to “the spiritual journey” – what it is and why – in hopes of contributing to the advancement of our collective understanding, so that we may all come to know a greater experience of ourselves. We hope you enjoy this issue and are eager to hear from you: Call us, email us, or provide us your comments on our website.

This fall, may our long-standing ignorance diminish so that we may know greater knowledge and lead a more profound life in the seasons that follow.

The Spiritual Journey: From Slavery to Enlightenment - Introduction to Fall 2010 Spirituality Issue

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