Spring 2011 Issue - Are We Connected?


The Spring 2011 issue of SuperConsciousness Magazine, "Are We Connected?" brings together 15 voices — from scientists to Indian Chiefs — to have a conversation about Interconnectedness. Collectively they explore the void in understanding between those peoples from indigenous traditions who embrace connection as a fundamental perception of life, and those intellectually trained within materialistic-based cultures from which the 'concept' of interconnectedness remains a theoretical abstraction.

In the INTRODUCTION to this issue's main content, we introduce our contributors: Ecologist Joan Maloof, NASA Engineer Paul Racette, Hands-on healing researcher William Bengston, Spiritual teachers Bruce 'subiyay' Miller and Mark 'syk 'Amen' Johns-Colson, Facebook Effect author David Kirkpatrick, as well as author and futurist Gregg Braden and more. Plus, this issue we introduce our two newest editors, Suzanne Nichols and Jaime Leal-Anaya, and our new columnist Jim Channon.

Due to an accelerated advancement in technology — from space telescopes to proton microscopes — an underlying interconnectivity is arising in our observations and awareness. This framework appears to encompass and connect everything through fields of energy and information. Enjoy this issue and discover how this knowledge will impact and improve your life!

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