Window Farming - Urban Indoor Gardens

Urban Indoor Gardens

The ability to adapt to different circumstances or new environments and come up with simple solutions to daunting problems is an act of genius....

Jack & Mops’ Magical Adventures Review

Pumpkins and Particle Widgets

As a child, first time author P. A. Paizs was captivated by the magic of the classic A Little Princess, and it would become the inspiration for...

The Romance of Science and Art - Robert and Michele Root-Bernstein

Robert and Michele Root-Bernstein

Early in marriage we agreed that ours would be a life embracing both science and art – only not at the same time. We thought of them as...

Bridging Medicine and Spirituality - Interview with Dr. Allan Hamilton

Interview with Dr. Allan Hamilton

As the rapid current brought his small canoe inexorably closer to the fork in the river, Dr. Allan Hamilton was in a state of near panic. In one...

Extreme Athletes and the Paranormal - Interview with Maria Coffey

Interview with Maria Coffey

Author and adventure travel leader Maria Coffey was on a rock-climbing course in England’s Lake District with several girlfriends when she...