Innovative and/or environmentally sustainable projects from architecture, design, cinema, music and art.

SuperNatural Creator

Alicia Hunsicker is a mixed media artist whose spiritual insights are beautifully transferred into canvas and have won several awards and grants in the U.S. “I believe that we are all here carrying a unique piece of the divine spark and that we are here to bring that spark into the light of the world. My work and....

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Between Light and Shade

Between Light and Shade

Kuiz López Kalkoatl refers to himself as a man of tradition, yet his life is nothing close to what we usually consider traditional. Since his early childhood....

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How Music Connects People - Michael Franti Shows That Music Connects Us – Even When War Seeks to Divide

How Music Connects People

American entertainers have a tradition of visiting war zones, from Bob Hope’s USO tours during World War II to Stephen Colbert’s recent visit to Iraq. They are usually heavily protected by military escorts and relegated to the safest sections...

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The Face and Spirit of Nature Revealed

In this fascinating interview with photographer Katalina Nicolas, tells the story of how the subtle face, voice and Spirit of nature has come alive and clearly into view with a clear message, a message you do not want to miss.

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Simple Designs Make A Difference - Smart Ideas for the Future from Design Indaba Lab

Simple Designs Make A Difference

Within the various form of creative and artistic expressions, design is probably the one that has the greatest interrelation with our everyday lives and therefore the greatest potential to change our world. What we wear, what we use, what we drive or...

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Hape Kerkeling’s Spiritual Pilgrimage - An Interview with the German Comedian and Best Selling Author

Hape Kerkeling’s Spiritual Pilgrimage

Hape Kerkeling is one of Germany’s most beloved comedic actors and has been entertaining with his well-developed cadre of amusing characters since his teens. Starting out in radio, he featured alter egos such as Hannilein...

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Spirituality in Jazz - Interview with Jazz Saxophonist David Liebman

Spirituality in Jazz

Saxophonist David Liebman emerged into prominence during the 1960’s playing with legendary jazz greats Elvin Jones and later, Miles Davis. His career spans four decades and includes over 230 recordings as leader or sideman...

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Truth About Sacred Knowledge in Art - Discover How Ancient Wisdom is Hidden in Great Art

Truth About Sacred Knowledge in Art

Various works of art leading up to the Renaissance period in Europe tell a story of persecution that is carefully preserved on canvas through form and light-and-shadow. A careful examination of these works makes it clear that the artists...

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Is James Cameron Really a Visionary? - Interview with Rebecca Keegan, author of The Futurist, The Life and Times of James Cameron

Is James Cameron Really a Visionary?

Rebecca Keegan spent seven years covering breaking news stories like 9/11, Osama bin Laden, and sex-abuse within the Catholic Church for TIME Magazine before she built professional credibility with intimate profiles of entertainment A-listers...

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Sacred Geometry - Secret Societies and Sacred Music

Sacred Geometry

Handel’s “Messiah” is very important and should not be a piece of music consecrated strictly to Christianity because that is not what it was meant to be. Handel was involved in the greatest secret societies on the face of the earth...

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