Emerging Health Therapies

The Living Matrix - DVD

Following a formula very similar to the one used in the blockbuster film What The Bleep Do You Know, this movie is made up of a...

Uncommon Investigations

What the Dog Saw: And Other Adventures

There’s a very good reason why Malcolm Gladwell’s previous books are in high demand (with long waiting lists) at most public libraries...

The Root Cause

End the Fed

In his latest book, Congressman and 2008 presidential candidate Ron Paul argues that the Federal Reserve is a root cause for some of the greatest...

Local Producer Merges Consciousness with Media

Creating Conscious Media

Betsy Chasse is an unlikely poster child for spiritual media. Prior to co-directing and producing What the Bleep Do We Know.......

Interview with Dr. Bruce Lipton

Interview with Dr. Bruce Lipton

Bruce Lipton, scientist, researcher, teacher, and author, is driven by a passion to bring scientific evidence directly to the people his...