The Outer Limits

Mountaineer Reinhold Messner on Survival and the Nature of Time at Extreme Altitudes

Mountaineering legend Reinhold Messner has a passion for limits – finding and surpassing them. Throughout his adventuresome life, he’...

Interview with JZ Knight

Interview with JZ Knight

JZ Knight lives an outrageous and controversial life. For over 30 years, she has regularly surrendered her body for use as a conduit through which...

Are We Connected? Introduction to the Spring 2011 Issue

Theoretics and philosophers in mid-20th Century argued that life somehow emerged accidentally out of formlessness and chaos. But thinking...

Cinematic Shapeshifter

Davis Guggenheim’s Guitar Heroes: Interview with Oscar-winning Director of It Might Get Loud

Genre-defying director, cinematographer and producer Davis Guggenheim is equally at home in multiple worlds: documentary filmmaking, feature...

Featured Artist Alex Grey

Alex Grey: Artist of Love and Wisdom

How exactly does an artist go about portraying the intangible? Alex Grey entangled his artistic skills with the memories of his mystical....