Whether the information is about staying or getting healthy, these articles provide holistic health knowledge that can add value to our lives.

Surviving Aids - Niro Markoff Asistent Shares How She Cured Herself From AIDS

Surviving Aids

While I had been completely denying my condition, the symptoms of this disease of our time had already been ravaging my body for at least a year. In reaction to my diagnosis, I vacillated between deep numbness and extreme rage. Ultimately, I surrendered, and accepted the....

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How Thought Affects Our Bodies - It’s Not What You Eat, It’s What You Think

How Thought Affects Our Bodies

Greetings and salutations. I am Ramtha the Enlightened One, Lord of the Wind, indeed servant unto Christ, indeed servant unto you. Let’s have a drink to aqueous substance, water, for reality changes even in what we consume and what we drink...

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The NOW of Cooking

The NOW of Cooking

I usually have a list when I grocery shop. Most people do. It’s a logical way to keep the pantry stocked. But after I have everything in....

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Energy Medicine Solutions - How Energy Medicine Will Save Health Care

Energy Medicine Solutions

Therapeutic use of electromagnetism has ancient roots, and was first introduced into the US by Hahnemann just prior to 1800. At first, only direct current (DC) devices were utilized in the medical doctor’s office for relieving pain...

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Letting Go of Blocks to Healthy Attitudes - Interview with Jerry Jampolsky and Diane Cirincione

How to Heal Your Attitudes

Dr. Gerald Jampolsky, known far and wide as “Jerry”, is commonly considered a founding father of the self-help movement and working with children and adults facing life-threatening illness, crisis, challenges, and change. Thirty years ago...

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10 Ways to Overcome Stress

The world we once knew is in the process of dissolving and reforming... but it’s not the end of the world. It’s the beginning of a more just, compassionate, and cooperative era...

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Aging in Reverse: the Counterclockwise Study - Interview with Ellen Langer

Aging in Reverse: the Counterclockwise Study

Is getting old inevitable, or do we have a choice? The answer appears obvious: if an antidote to aging existed, surely we would have heard about it by now. As for growing younger, entire industries are devoted to the appearance of youth...

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Physician Heal Thyself - Interview With Dr. Joe Dispenza

Physician, Heal Thyself

Dr. Joe Dispenza is many things: an internationally recognized lecturer on the role and function of the human brain, a noted consultant on the film What the Bleep do We Know, a chiropractor and an author...

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The Paranormal Healing of John of God - Miraculous Healings in Brazil

The Paranormal Healing of John of God

Every week thousands of people from all over the world congregate on a small village about an hours drive from the capital of Brazil. Most of them have at least one thing in common...

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From Physical to Energetic The Evolution of Dr. Dan Gleeson

From Physical to Energetic

Dr. Dan Gleeson of Thunder Bay, Canada, is not your everyday, run-of-the-mill chiropractor. He began training straight out of high school in 1958, and in those days, the methodology was “redneck chiropractics – anything goes”...

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