How Present Are You?


As the saying goes, no time like the present. But how “in the moment” are you really? Find out here.

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How Present Are You?

How Present Are You?
  1. During conversation, I generally:
    • talk on my cell phone
    • take the opportunity to check out passersby
    • stare unblinkingly into the other person’s eyes
    • read people’s minds - it saves time talking
  2. While making love, I usually:
    • talk on my cell phone
    • fantasize about other people
    • cry over the sheer beauty of the moment
    • literally become the other person, hopelessly confusing both of us
  3. While driving, I often:How Present Are You?
    • send text messages to myself
    • eat the breakfast I missed while talking on my cell phone
    • stare deeply into other drivers’ eyes
    • become so focused on where I’m going that I bilocate there
  4. During meditation, I usually:
    • talk on my cell phone
    • consider my dinner options
    • lose all awareness of time
    • levitate inadvertently
  5. In nature, I frequently:
    • bust out my PlayStation2
    • think about all the calls I’m missing
    • stare unblinkingly at the squirrels
    • call down hurricanes on people who’ve pissed me off
  6. While exercising, I usually:How Present Are You?
    • catch up on my sleep
    • read about Brad Pitt’s latest visit to the post office
    • focus on every breath, movement, and heartbeat
    • go out of body and practice my astral calisthenics
  7. During meetings, I generally:
    • dream about the job I wish I had
    • draw amusing comics of farm animals
    • stare unblinkingly at whomever’s speaking
    • holographically experience the meeting from everyone’s perspective simultaneously

Answer Key

How Present Are You?

If you answered mostly “a” – excuse me, I’ve got to take this call.
If you answered mostly “b” good news! If you ever go to prison, you’ll have an active imagination to entertain yourself with.
If you answered mostly “c” please blink. You’re scaring the squirrels.
If you answered mostly “d” what are you still doing on this planet?

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