The Identifiable God


A Reminder from Ramtha of the Ongoingness of All Life
Author: Ramtha

Each of you is upon this plane for many reasons, but the grandest reason of all and of utmost importance is to understand and love the greatest mystery of all, the point called self. And that point I refer to appropriately as God the Father within you, that which gave you credence in your beginning, that which you create and evolve through, and that which you will once again become.

Since you are to become as God is — to express completely the God within you — just what is it that you are to become? What is the identity of God that will give you a point of reference to thus become? Well, let us see.

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The Identifiable God - A Reminder from Ramtha of the Ongoingness of All Life

This God that I love, that I am a servant unto, that all wonders are worked through, is the ongoingness of the totality of life. In the ongoingness of the kingdom of life, which is the ongoingness of eternity, the Now is all there ever is. In this Now, this specific moment, God is all things that are being as they are. Thus in this Now, God is the Isness of all that is. And in the Nows to come, God is the pulsating of all life ongoing abreast of itself — vibrantly living, feeling, expanding, evolving — expressing the beingness of itself.

God is the conclusiveness of all things that are, and yet it is without borders, without beginning, and without ending. It is the infiniteness that has no parallel. The Isness of God is reality upon reality, dimension upon dimension, universe upon universe.

You have one little galaxy here. And if you think that you are the only life that exists in it, you are rather arrogant. In your Milky Way alone there are ten billion suns, and with each sun there are planets that are supporting life. There is no number in counting to tell you how many solar systems there are. None. There is no number in counting to tell you of every planet, great and small, and the life that dwells therein. There is no number. And if you wish to comprehend infinity, you had best reprogram your thinking to perceive beyond time, distance, and measure, for in a greater reality, none of these exist.

The Identifiable God - A Reminder from Ramtha of the Ongoingness of All Life

God is. When was the beginning? There never was one. God always was the thought, the space, the Void that supports and gives life to the telstars. Know you what a telstar is? It transforms light into matter and spews it forth into the universe to create stellar systems. Where did the telstar come from? Thought, God, space, the great Void, where you look out and see stars and forever. If you want to visualize God in its impeccable and infinite being, visualize the openended eternity called space, for space is the river of thought that surrounds everything you see, that supports and gives credence to everything that is.

Everyone talks about space as if it were nothing. But what is the power that allows all things to steadfast themselves into orbital systems? What is it that holds up your earth in the Void? What supports your Milky Way, which has ten billion suns in it? What holds it up? What causes your sun to be held in position? What allows the passage of all matter? What indeed is the highway that light travels upon? You say, nothing? Show me a no-thing that can support ten billion suns and their solar systems.

God is on one level the matter that makes up the substance of all things. On another level it is the time-flow of the different dimensions, the timewarp that creates parallel universes.

On another level it is the spectrum called light that gives supportiveness to matter. And on the greatest level of all, it is the no-thing that holds you into position: thought, the foreverness of space.

God is the whole of life — pulsating, expanding, evolving — ongoing into forever. It is the Isness that allows what was, the permeance of what is, and the promise of what is to come. It is the movement that endows life, the unlimited thought process that reaches no goals or ideals but is continuously creating life from thought, into light, into matter. God is the essence of all that is in a motivated force that is ever-changing, ever-creating, ever-expanding, ever-being.

The Identifiable God - A Reminder from Ramtha of the Ongoingness of All Life

How can you identify that which is all-encompassing, all-powerful, everevolving, ever-moving, ever-allowing, ever-being? How can you say this is what God is, when what God is now will not be the same in the next Now? How do you perceive an open-ended universe?

With a finite, thinking mind you cannot identify that which is beyond time, distance, space, and matter because with a finite mind you cannot reach that far with description. Though the terms God and the Father have been used, they are only words to refer to all that is, that has been, that ever will be, from the Isness of what was, to the Isness of what is, to the unlimited Isness of forever.

So where do you find a point of reference for becoming God? In you, for what you are is the image of God, the duplicate of what the Father is. The essence that you are is that which is ongoing, evolving, ever-changing, ever-creating, everbeing. You are thought; you are light; you are electrum; you are form. You are pure energy, awesome power, pulsating emotion, sublime thought. That which you have perceived to be the highest level of intelligence — of power, dignity, holiness, and grace — is that which is you. Who are you? You are the identifiable God.

The Father can never be identified outside of your wondrous being. To even attempt it is unfair to yourself because you are going outside of what you are to describe something which emanates from within you. The only way you can identify God is to observe what the Father is in you. And isn’t that rather nice, after all? It takes you out of the complexities of trying to comprehend infinite creation and brings you into the here and now of your own life, your own thought processes, your own Isness.

The Identifiable God - A Reminder from Ramtha of the Ongoingness of All Life

The only way you can perceive, understand, and emotionally know the Father is to understand and emotionally know who you are; then you will know God. Then you can say, “I know who the Father is, for the Father and I are one, and I know who I am.”

To be as God is, is to be as you are. When you simply are the Isness of yourself, you are open-ended, unlimited, creative, and optional. You are allowing; you are movement; you are quiet; you are joy. You are pure energy, powerful direction, all feeling, all thought. Being and loving yourself with all of your being and all of your breath and allowing the virtue of yourself into life is being as God is.

Simply allow yourself to be, an Isness. In being, you are everything. To become God is to say, “I am.”


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