How to Become a Master of Time


Interview with JZ Knight
Author: Danielle Graham
Photographer: Paulina Amador and Courtesy of JZK, Inc.

JZ Knight lives an outrageous and controversial life. For over 30 years, she has regularly surrendered her body for use as a conduit through which tens of thousands of students around the world are trained by Ramtha the Enlightened One. Though she has been prodded and poked, tested and challenged, her claim, backed by an extensive body of evidence, has never once been discredited by any scientist, scholar, or court of law.

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Interview with JZ Knight

In giving up so much of her life to this work, JZ has “died to her body” over and over. She explains, “…when Ramtha started teaching me how to leave my body….it was like dying.” Ramtha told her, “You are going to die, but it won’t hurt, and it will only be a little short while and then you are going to come back… This is what you are going to experience the moment of death.” *

Whereas some people can speak about how one, two or maybe even three near death experiences have changed their lives, JZ speaks from the authority of literally thousands of successful beyond death achievements. As a result, she occupies a unique place in the world as she bridges knowledge gained from rarely accessed domains with effectively negotiating her day-to-day life from her home in Yelm, WA.

JZ has only recently begun to speak about the insights gained as a result of her life’s work. We are honored that she has chosen to share her understanding about the nature of time for this issue.

*excerpts from A Beginner’s Guide To Creating Reality: An Introduction to Ramtha and His Teachings, 3rd edition, ©JZK Publishing.

SC: We’ve discussed the concept that our experience of the present actually emerges out of the future. How do you understand, from your life experiences, the flow of time from the future and the relationship between that flow and multiple future potentials?

JZ: First off, we’re not always cognizant of that, so, in a way, we’re rather ignorant about a concept that we continue to burden ourselves with.

"Time is still a mystery, not only for scientists, but for each of us too"

Let’s start with time relative to science: these new questions about the existence of time really began to be raised in the beginning of quantum physics, because at that base level [of fundamental particle science], observation causes the energy [of subatomic particles] to stop. Measurement is equal to time. To be able to measure the momentum of a particle, it had to have time, so, time was generated by momentum, or the collapsing of energy into particles, and we are all familiar with that [concept]. In our struggle to define time, if we define it in terms of momentum, then I am very agreeable with that. Momentum meaning action…

Interview with JZ KnightSC: Time is an action; it’s a verb, not a noun…

JZ: Exactly. Nouns have no time. Verbs are the action of the realization of that ‘no time’. In talking to Ramtha many many years ago about time, he threw me for a loop when he said, “you can cease time by understanding there is no time, and that all elements, all potentials, all worlds, all things exist simultaneously.” There is no arrow going backwards or forwards. It all exists in the moment. In my simple understanding of what I’ve seen [when] out of my body and what I’ve experienced in my long life, that [statement] is absolutely correct.

When I’m in a focus, I’m in a no-time space. I am absolutely present to a concept [that] actually isn’t born until I finish focusing on it. The moment that I release the focus, its action bubbles up from the quantum field: it’s in momentum. What I focused on is getting built, and the building of that [focus], we call time.

"our experience, our moving into the experience of our focus is a time-related element"

Now, in focus, I’m not even aware my heart is beating; I’m not aware my body is functioning. I am aware that I am in a present now, which opens the doors of perception to all levels, and all levels reveal themselves in a now. My body is in action, but “I”, the being inhabiting the body, is in inaction. And, as I’m creating, the body is getting revved up to experience it. When we talk about creation, we are talking about creation as a companion with time, the creation of an idea, of a concept that is being built. And, our experience of our creation takes time to experience. Every part of our body gets to experience that.

We are a processing machine of a long string of pearls: I like to use that [analogy] because when we’re talking about the future, the future is infinite strings of pearls. Just imagine them coming out of the top of your head, and going in every single direction. And, the clasp that reaches my mid-brain, my infra red, is the clasp of potentials that is relative to what I’m desiring, relative to what I’m working upon, and that each pearl is a ball of light that opens up in my brain and begins the process of creation. The future holds infinite amount of potentials for all of us and I see them as pearls, as strings, necklaces going into infinity and that the one that makes it to my midbrain to process are a line of potentials that are related to one another. And so, I bring them in, I observe them, I open them up, in a “no time” [state]. The moment that they are being observed, they move into time. It is the creative machine and time is an explanation for our creativeness. Just imagine our brain and our body as the machine that processes potentials into time. That’s how I see it.

Are they [potentials] in another time? Yes, but are they in action? They’re not in action until we activate them.

When we begin to work on our future, we have to realize that it’s not that we are living in multiple universes, yet at the same time, we actually are, because that line of pearls that connects us to the future of potentials, we get to express in an arrow of time that has been chosen by us, and when we bring them in, we become frequency specific to them. All of them are actually our potentials. But, by and large, when we begin the process of unfolding out of no time, a time machine that processes potentials, when we start that, it really is relative to the concepts we’re going after.

For example, if a person is down loading genius, (it’s a part of our walk), then the moment they start walking on that, their brain is already loaded with all the information, and all that information already loaded in the brain is like a time capsule. It hasn’t been opened up yet: it’s sealed and it’s waiting for us to use. Those are the pearls; those are the potentials that flow into our brain. Now, if we’re a genius, what happens to us is that our brain begins to process those pearls, or those potentials of that line of pearls that is only relevant to our existing environment. For example, if we’re a computer geek, and our world is the computer, the desk, and what lies in all of that, only the potentials to what we are doing now apply. In other words, a computer geek may have a problem with his computer, and suddenly realizes how to fix it. And the way he fixes it or reprograms it is ground breaking, because the pearl does exist in the future but was relative for him to use now. That’s a part of his genius.

Interview with JZ KnightSC: Relative to that string of pearls. So, then, everyone has unlimited strings of ‘pearls of potentials’ frequency specific to interests, concepts we are focused on….

JZ: Exactly. Now, by the same token, the geek also has a string of pearls that go out to great writing, a string of pearls that go out to becoming an astronaut, a string of pearls that goes out to being a parent, goes out to being an artist, goes out to business adventures, goes out to sewing, you name it: any human creative potential we have an over blessed abundance of. But because we only download the genius relative to where we’re at, we only get the pearls related to solving computer program problems, or solving color mixtures in art, or solving a greater lexicon to improve a manuscript. Those may sound simple but they are from the future, and whenever that particular project might have been presented in the future, in its time, had we evolved enough to discover it ten or fifteen years from now, we instead actually open it up now.

SC: OK, so how then would we expand the parameters of these creating machines?

JZ: Well, that is a great question. And comprehension, I think literally means interest. So, I think that it’s important that we download the future technologies, that would help with what we are doing now, because only when that mode of knowledge becomes wisdom, can we absolutely reach for anything, and decide that now we want to download the genius of the stock market, or the genius of boat building, or the genius of house building, or child care, or whatever it is. I think it’s important we establish first that we have the capacity to [access our own future potential of genius] because that opens the door broader for receptivity.

"I think it’s important that we experience first what it is of the future reality that we can comprehend and that we can apply"

I literally look at people’s heads and I can see a pincushion. I mean I see their head and then I see all these spikes coming off of their head, and those spikes are lights that fade into different colors. They’re enormous [and] there’s a massive amount of them. I know what a person is working on [because] I see it sitting between their eyes, literally in their mid-brain. They are frequency specific with a future potential that is relative to who they are and the reality they’ve created now. That reality has extraordinary possibilities in the future that can be downloaded and realized now. They’re so numerous, it looks just like a porcupine or a pincushion, but you can tell what people are interested in because the one that is feeding the midbrain is the future they are most connected to.

All of that information exists in our field, but we process it first according to our need to own the past: we get that out of the way, and then the adventure looking forward. And it’s wherever our interests lie that we begin to download the quickest and easiest information from the future. And, they exist in a no-time state. They are frequency specific to us, they are in our brain, they open up, they allow the information observed. But, we are not, until we get to a stage that we realize that we are the master of all that we have done, that we will have a new plate to begin to start searching for the next a level of processing information from the future.

SC: Let’s discuss scientific theoretical speculations of going forward and backwards in time; that we would risk destroying ourselves; that if we change the past, we might remove ourselves from the present.

Interview with JZ KnightJZ: Right, and you know, I just don’t agree with that. I really know that no matter how elaborate quantum physics is, I have to come back to the underpinning of reality itself. It starts at that place called the ‘kingdom of heaven’, what Ram taught as the quantum field.

I don’t agree, because there cannot be an outlaw to potentiality: that if you change the past, you obliterate yourself in the future, or, from the future you change your past, you’ll disappear. I would agree on the theoretical postulate of reasoning, the concept of traveling the speed of light, going backwards and then going forwards, there’s a big explosion like matter and antimatter coming together. I agree and understand with that reasoning. We can’t lay a law on the quantum field because it is lawless, and it has to be that way so that dreamers of the future can dream. The fact is that we absolutely do change our past.

"I don’t think there is such a thing as impossibility and improbability when it comes to the quantum field"

It’s an automatic thing: whatever we change backwards, we resource its wisdom. When we’ve resourced its wisdom, change echoes forward into the future and what happens is the future disappears and reappears based on the wisdom of the change so that we now have a completely different environment. It’s like a new scene appears in front of us that we then experience. That’s how malleable reality really is when we become a master of it. I cannot and do not see that we have resourced the quantum field to the degree of our own obliteration because that is a limitation. I understand and agree with [scientists’] reasoning based on their calculations. But they haven’t taken into account the conscious being, the being who is the observer, the being who chooses to do these things; they are simply working from a mechanical basis. This won’t continue because evolution will have forced a new thought.

SC: Is there anything you perceive is very important to convey about time?

JZ: Oh, I do. I think that people in general are enslaved to it. And enslaved to it usually means that they react in their reality out of expediency rather than contemplation and sourcing the now to find the greatest solution to create. People say, “Well, I have to do this, I have to do that, and I gotta get this done, and this is the deadline on that, and I have to go pick up the kids.” It never allows us to live, it only allows us to react. People who live by time, grow old by time. People live by time, find that they never know themselves in the end and they wonder exactly what this was all about.

We learned the process of creating our day from Ramtha many years ago, a brilliant little teaching. He empowered us to be the masters of the day and not let the day be the masters of us. How do we want the day we create so that the day itself provides the opportunity to experience what we wish to experience? And in those experiences of the day, we’re not experiencing out of expediency, we’re not reacting to them. Instead, we are experiencing the direct result of the thoughtful intention of our neighborhood or creating our day.* And, when we do that, we find that the day isn’t long enough! We find that it’s satisfying to have truly lived this day: the integral part of us, the creative part, the designing part, the intuitive part of us really was the flagship of the day, and that it set the standard of how events would unfold and provide for us at the end of the day a zeal of accomplishment that really happens and it is wonderful and I would love to have that happen again.

So, time is really needs to be looked at in terms of expediency. Are we going to react for eight hours? Or are we going to experience and enjoy for eight hours. And all of those choices lie with each individual. Again, that momentum is called time. And we master time by what we choose the day to be.

"When we begin to experience having time in its proper place, we’re the master of a concept that has unfolded and as it unfolds we are also the machine that experiences"

Now in regards to this huge life that I have, what is wonderful about my life is that I am blessed with an embarrassment of opportunities. And, what is so sweet about that is I am a researcher on the possibility of human skill, what can we do with what we have: the equipment, our brain, our consciousness. What can we create, how can we take a pigs ear and make it into a silk purse. I am extremely into those things because they are the answers that brought us Gladys,* that brought us the neighborhood and all the new and exciting work that we’re doing at the school. I’m hugely interested in all of that.

Everything I do, every project, every aspect of everything that I do, I give an undivided attention to it so that when I address it, I can move it off my desk. I take the next thing, I address that, I make this call, I do that, I open this magazine, I do that, I write this article, I do that, because if you’re in the present moment, you will find that not only is your greatest work revealed, and that time has flown, but it’s satisfying. And it enables you to do everything else.

When I have brought to a conclusion all of these potentials, I may not be involved with anything like this again. I will have taken those pearls, I will have observed them, I will have allowed those runners to come, and I will have experienced them fruitfully and brought them to whatever stage that I am happy with and then let them go. Then, I will have all that wisdom. And then I can have the power to go to another level with huge acceptance in my capacity that I can take on a whole different level of reality. That’s something that in it’s time will come and I will be just as desirous to do whatever that is as I have been with all these other things.

So, you know, we get what we deserve. And, and every thought, every complaint manifests. We can either wisely create our day to be focused on every aspect of what we are doing or we can complain about the day, become tired, and ill, and have achieved nothing. Those are just lessons that we learn.

*disciplines developed at Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment
*a teaching tool developed by JZ Knight

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