Jesus’ Final Initiation

Excerpt from: Ramtha, A Beginner’s Guide to Creating Reality
Author: Ramtha

Yeshua ben Joseph knew that however he saw anything is exactly how he agreed for it to be. When he saw the blind man, the blind man asked for help. He bent over and picked up some clay and he spat in it. And what he was doing with the clay and his spit, he was creating a new biofield of particle relationship. And when he did this and put it together and put it on the blind man’s eyes, in molding the clay Yeshua ben Joseph saw perfect vision. So as he was molding the clay, the clay became the catalyst to perfect vision. So when he put the clay on his eyes, that biofield or morphogenic field reconstructed immediately the visual nerve supply to the back of the brain and he saw instantly.

Now we call that a miracle-worker. But how powerful is it to be like this entity, who every day of his life worked up to this level of relationship with the particle field? What did he have to do? Walking down the path he would see — he would choose immediately — whether to agree with the landscape or change it. So if he was walking and stirring up saffron dust, if he found delight in that then he was agreeing with the dust. So the dust never changed. How many times do you walk down the path and stir up dust and are agitated with it? That only enforces its nature.

If he walked into a group of people and he is teaching them and then he stops to feed them and he has only a basket of fishes and a loaf of bread and he has five thousand people, what would your mind say? Let’s run to the market straightaway. But this was a master who understood the relationship between mind and matter and all he had to do was to change his mind on what he saw. And so the fish and the bread became the seed that multiplied in his mind. And as long as he saw it, the supply was endless. Now where did the supply come from? The supply came from one fish and one loaf of bread, and all he needed to do was to make them multitudinous. So what he did is he kept creating echoes of the fish and the bread, and he was taking energy that was falling apart and recoagulating it, giving them a frame of reference to coagulate into.

If you stop and think about it, someone told the rose to be a rose and someone told it how to smell and someone or something described to the rose in a mental thought deep, velvet red. Someone did that because it didn’t just spring up on its own. It was created to be what it is, not only the rose but birds and water and environment. Someone focused them into evolution. Who was that? You.

This was a master who understood the relationship between mind and matter and all he had to do was to change his mind on what he saw

Now Yeshua ben Joseph was considered a master all the way up to the sixth level. And his job, as difficult as it was, was to defy reality with his mind. Look, if I am telling you today that what you think affects all life around you, then if you stop for a moment and reflect, you will see how your life has stayed static according to your image thoughts.

You drive down the city, you expect to see the city, the city is there. You expect to see people begging, they are always there. You expect to see a car wreck on the side of the road because you need a little excitement, there is always one. If that is true and you have the power, imagine what an initiation it was for such a being, and beings, that every day they had to defy physical reality and overlay with a mind so powerful that they could see what was not there and make it that. Powerful.

Do you think that that is more powerful than you? No, it is you. But where is your energy? Your energy is that you accept what is mundane in your life. You accept your ill health, you accept your problems, you accept your limitations, and because you accept them you freeze them and lock then that energy into a relationship. That is what you do every day. You are a God. You are doing that. Imagine what it would be to get up every morning and defy reality, to start changing what has been normal to you to be supernormal every day. So the first day you get up and a few things change but not everything. Is that enough to go back and accept mundane reality? Or is it that we are having to create a mind that is so powerful that it can acquiesce the energy field of any lifeform and any situation and change it immediately. What does that take? Constant focus on what is expected rather than what is seen.

Someone told the rose to be a rose and someone told it how to smell and someone or something described to the rose in a mental thought deep, velvet red. Someone focused them into evolution. Who was that? You.

When Yeshua ben Joseph was moving his mind up to this lofty state and held it there, he was actually not of this world but indeed, as it has been said, he was in the world. This is the ultimate test, that he had to agree to die as the final initiation. What a final test. How do you defy death? First off, you have to die; otherwise it isn’t a test, is it?

Now imagine how terrifying that is. None of you are at that place yet. But imagine what it would be to fully develop God on this plane. How would he do that? His final test would be that he would agree to die in front of everyone, and that so powerful was his mind, in which he called “the Father within me,” so powerful was he that he allowed the body to die and to go into decay. And then at the appropriate moment he was to reestablish a relationship with the body. Is that possible? Given what scientists say that we do with particles, is that possible? It is indeed.

So where is the loophole here? The loophole is that we are so terrified of life that we never live. We are so terrified of dying that we never live life. No one in this room has the capacity to do that because no one has built up such a wall of reality that “lay the body dead as it is, I will resurrect it.” No one has developed that yet because they haven’t lived yet. So imagine what kind of body that he had then. The body went into physical corruption within three days, and he came back.

Now, your last lifetime you never went any further than the light. At the light, before you came back to this incarnation, you reviewed your last life. The review took place in your lightbody. It reviewed, unfolded all of the energy, and gave you a living screen to see what you did, who you were, what you accomplished, how you evolved, where you didn’t evolve. It just unrolled the energy and allowed it to play. Then once you had decided or made up your mind to come back, you were thinking with a lightbody, not a human body, but you were still cognizant that you could have done better in the physical body. Don’t you find it interesting that entities who go to the light talk about viewing their life and that they viewed it with a cognitive judgment? They didn’t have a brain. How were they able to make an opinion of what they saw? Because they did have a brain. What was the brain? It wasn’t the gray tissue that is sitting up here but it was a brain equal to the body they were inhabiting.

The loophole is that we are so terrified of life that we never live. We are so terrified of dying that we never live life

When you die, you move immediately into infrared. It is the psychic realm. From the psychic realm the shaft of light appears and you go down it and you are actually moving from low infrared to the high end of infrared. Then you hit the light. Who is the light? You. It is there that you view everything. While you are making a decision about your physical life, there are four other potential lives or bodies that are enfolded in the light. And all you keep doing is agreeing to come back to this one. So you have never changed those four other bodies. They are what we call hidden. So we are always recycling the lightbody, the infrared body, and the physical body, but we have yet to use the hidden bodies of the upper four realms.

Now so what does this have to do with Yeshua ben Joseph becoming a Christ? Because he had to prove that he was accessing the upper kingdom of God. And he had proved it every single way by all of the miracles and the teachings that he imparted. But there was one thing that terrified all men in their hearts and that was death. You see, the Hellenistic Jews of that time were the only ones that believed in reincarnation. The Jews of Abraham did not believe in reincarnation. They believed in hell, which was the most terrifying aspect, and that simply meant a shallow grave, that they would be dismembered.

Yeshua ben Joseph had to show to a culture of people that there was life after death. And the way that he had to do that is he had to sacrifice his own life. So he has to let the body die and he has to move all the way, unfolding all of those bodies all the way until he is right here, and he says, “My Father and I are one.” He is saying that “My mind is no longer from the House of David in these terrible times. My mind is my Father within me,” the first mind. And he had to take off every one of those bodies, even the lightbody. He couldn’t keep it on. He had to pull off the lightbody, manifest the Blue Body®. He had to pull off the Blue Body, which is Shiva, and manifest the golden body. He had to pull off the golden body, go to the rose body, and then he had to go to Infinite Unknown. And only until he did that was he incorruptible.

And it was from this state that he resurrected this body down here and gave it life, but what he gave it is eternal life. In other words, his body down here was vibrating nearly at the rate of light. And he only kept it slow so that he could interact with people and give them the last teaching. And why was his body radiating so fast? Because that was where his consciousness was. God now was man. And he lifted it up and reconstructed its physical matter, but he reconstructed it from the point of God, so it was vibrating very fast. So when he left, where did he go? He simply kept raising the frequency. In other words, he started this spin around this atom, and then the spin collapsed inward to the inside of the nucleus and it started spinning. And all the time he was doing that, all of that spin allowed every one of those particles to go into free space. So he was unfolding the seven bodies. And when he disappeared, he disappeared at light.

Now that was only when he was called the Christ, the arisen one. That was the last test. That meant his consciousness had to be one so absolutely that not even death could defy that mind. And doing so, we now have great myth and legend and religion circling this entity. But what has never been told to you: It is not that Jesus is going to save your life but rather that he was a master who demonstrated the power of God in man and that if anyone had the eyes to see it, then they would understand. And if anyone had the ears to hear the message, they were offered the message, and they had to be simple enough to understand the transmutation of the human Spirit into eternity, and it was demonstrated. And it wasn’t demonstrated just with him. It has been demonstrated throughout the eons in every culture because people soon forget.

So what do we have now? We have now a religion around Jesus being the only son of God. That doesn’t make any sense because everyone is the sons and daughters of God, not just him. And he can’t save you. If he did, he would have done so in the first century. You understand? But his message is this. And how come he didn’t teach his disciples this? Because they were simple men. They were fishermen. They were tax collectors. They were people just like you. How could he teach them that? He couldn’t. All he could do was to teach them in parables and in deeds.

One fine morning you are going to wake up and realize, as it were, what I have taught you. And you won’t sit there struck dumb. You will start laughing and it will come from some wonderful place that you can’t stop. And you are going to laugh and laugh because you will see the mirth that lies on the other side of this serious human attitude that everything is oppressive and everything is dreadful. I tell you, the God that I love never judged anyone. It is a giving entity. It is the source. It never says to you, “Well, you want it but you can’t have it.” It never says to you, “You should do penance before you get it.” It never says to you, “Say you are sorry; then I will give it to you.”

We have now a religion around Jesus being the only son of God. That doesn’t make any sense because everyone is the sons and daughters of God, not just him

They should take Yeshua ben Joseph off of that cross. What a sad sight. It is to make you feel guilty. I tell you, the God that you are learning about is everlasting life and a life that is so full that you don’t even have the mind yet to begin to recognize how much there is yet to experience.

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I tell you, the God that I love never judged anyone. It is a giving entity. It is the source.

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