Ramtha: Words of Power and Blessing for Ourselves and Our World – Becoming and Speaking as the Observer


Summer 2010 Issue

Ramtha Blessing: Becoming The Observer
Author: Ramtha

Saints and masters in the past knew an occult knowledge you don’t know. They understood the alchemy of self, and that true self is what the artificial self appeals to. So who are you? You don’t even know who you are yet because all you have been doing is granting the wishes of your emotional body every incarnation. You have never grown wings and flown yet. You think that the high is deluding your body and your brain. Do you think that is it? Woe is you. You think the high is food. You think the high is victimization. You think the high is pity and guilt and shame. Don’t you know that someone is pleading that case to someone?

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Ramtha Blessing: Becoming  The Observer

There is not a woman who is not righteously divine. It is just that you have deluded yourself into thinking you are otherwise. You really have. You think your enemy is man. The enemy is not man. The enemy is your delusion. That is the enemy. There is not a man in this audience who isn’t God. You think the enemy is your sexuality. You think the enemy is conquest. That is not the enemy. The enemy is you, your voices. If you were stripped away from your body and you were still here, you would be the forgotten Gods who are starting to turn on.

Who would you be and how would your relationships be if suddenly the bodies were dispensed with? Would your lovers still love you? Would your children still love you? Would you still love them? That is what the Observer is like.

I want you to work on the principle of taking the position of the Observer and really observing. Never take the position of the emotions. Never take the position of guilt. Don’t even recognize it. Never take the position of the victim. Don’t even recognize it. Never even take the position of your sexuality. Don’t even recognize it. Never take the position of lack. Don’t even recognize it. I want you to be the Observer, the one to whom the voices you have always been are trying to make a point.

When you are the Observer you have to grow up a lot. Very few people ever find this stage of enlightenment because they are so attached to their humanity, so attached to what is wrong with them and why they can’t be something that they really do deny their God for the sake of feeling good. If there were ever a case for going to the light and having someone with you that was observing your light review, then I want you to listen to me very carefully. That same situation is happening when you become the Observer and you are observing your monkey-mind [The flickering, swinging mind of our emotions and personality]. When you can do it here without dying is when you have learned the truth, the occult truth of the masters, and then your job is to keep bringing forth the Observer and laying down the image to where your Observer is the only thing that you are. Then you can say, “My God, I am God/man, I am God/ woman manifest. I know what it was to be Yeshua ben Joseph. I know the truth. I understood what no one could possibly understand because they cared too much about their livelihood, their reputation, their bodies.”

I am giving you the same message that your Observer gives to you: “If you can be me and be greater than your image, your image is going to die and I swear you will know eternal life.” That is the message from your Observer. It isn’t Yeshua ben Joseph that a person follows. He said, “The Father that lives in me is the Father that lives within you, and whosoever shall listen to the voice of the Father — though he should leave his mother’s house, though he should leave his father’s house, and though he should leave his husbandman or his wife — will inherit the kingdom of heaven.” [References to the Gospels according to Matthew 5:1-12; 19: 29-30 and Luke 17:20-21] This was the message. He was talking about the Observer.

Do you have to suffer to become the Observer? In the first consequences you do, but after that it is a breeze because you are really clean and the Observer in you is as happy as a little baby and is connected to the Void. It is just a happy being. It is going to grow up being wiser and happier. I came back to teach you that and tell you I can do a lot of things for you and impress your loincloths off of you — and I have done that before — but what I want to do is teach you what I know and lay down the footprints so you just do it and apply yourself. You are going to reap the rewards. Your wings will get unstuck and you will be able to fly. You will start exercising divine will. You will get up and be bold, just like I was. You will get out of bed and say, “I am tired of being sick and being a wimp. I will never be that again. I am never going to cry again. I am never going to feel lack again. I am tired of it. Never again.” You won’t even care how loud your voice is and who is listening. You will just rise up and it will happen in you and you will be on fire, and that is your one fine morning. You will say, “I don’t care. I am never going to live this way again. I am never going to be a hypocrite again. I am tired of it. I am miserable. I am unhappy. I am tired of taking pain pills. I am tired of feeling old. I am tired of being sick. I am tired of being rejected. I am tired of living for someone else to make me happy. My God, I am tired of it.” And that is the day you will have your morning and those wings will come unglued.

I want you to say this as the Observer:

God I Am,
Lord God of my being,
I have dominion
over my life.
Of the following
I reject
from here on out:
I shall not allow
nor shall I accept
the runners,
the manifestations,
of my past.
I reject
my victimization
and shall not see
nor shall I honor
that this should have made my life
less than God.

And I, the Lord God of my being,
reject lack
in all of its forms,
in its connection
to my tyranny,
to my victimization,
for I shall not accept lack,
and unto me always
I shall have
whatever I desire.

As the Lord God of my being,
I reject
utterly and completely
and ill health,
for I am a joyous God
whose laughter is like thunder,
and all the days of my life
shall be undaunted
and unstained
with ill health,
as I, the Lord God of my being,


reject this hour
that which is termed
age and death.
I am a forever being
that has never died.
Therefore the law
of eternal life
that abides in me
I command
to abide in my body
forever and ever and ever.


As the Lord God of my being,
the Lord of my genetics,
the voice of my DNA,
I command a youthful body,
I command effervescence of energy,
that all the days of my eternal life
are lived in the youth
of my existence.

From the Lord God of my being,
I reject this day
any less than that which I ordain,
nor shall I accept
the runners of my personality,
and all that shall come to me
are the laws
that I have ordained
this night.
From the Lord God of my being,
so say I.
To life.
So be it.

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