The Science of Knowing


How Understanding the Knowledge of the Auric Field Becomes Enlightenment
Author: Ramtha

An abridged excerpt from: Ramtha, The White Book Revised and Expanded Edition. JZK Publishing 2007 Yelm, Washington. Excerpt Copyright 2010 JZ Knight

There are many upon your blessed plane who are struggling arduously to be enlightened, as it were, a most worthwhile thing to be. Yet there are few who truly understand what that term means. To be enlightened simply means to be in light of, to have knowledge of, to have knowledge available to you so that you can apply it however you choose.

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The Science of Knowing - How Understanding the Knowledge of the Auric Field Becomes Enlightenment

How do you become enlightened? Not by being anointed. The only way you become enlightened is by allowing thought to enter into your thought processes, embracing it into emotion, and experiencing it into wisdom.

Why is knowledge important? It is your grandest treasure, for when all else has been taken from you, what has not been taken from you and never can be is the knowledge that gives you the ability to create again. When you have knowledge, you have freedom; you have options. When you have knowledge, you can build kingdoms unlimited. When you have knowledge, there is nothing to fear, for then there is no thing, no element, no principality, no understanding that can ever threaten or enslave or intimidate you. When fear is given knowledge, it is called enlightenment.

Knowledge allows your mind to reason and contemplate beyond what you already know. It permits you to see further into the knowingness of all things that are and to grow in your capacity to receive even greater knowledge. Knowledge urges you to expand yourself, to seek an ever-broadening identity, to become. In that, it takes you from the boundaries of a limited life into a more unlimited expanse. Through knowledge and the adventure into learning, you become heightened in simplicity, and in that simplicity will you find peace in being and the joy of life.

Now I wish to give you an understanding of the science of knowing, how you have the ability to know all things. Why is that important? Because whatever you know, you will become. And when you learn how to know all things that are, you become all that is — which is God — completely: unlimited knowingness, unlimited life, the totality of thought. And in that you are, once again, the unlimited freedom and joy of being.

How do you have the ability to know all there is to know? Your physical body is surrounded by a wonderful lightfield called the aura or auric field. The aura is the light-field that surrounds and holds together the matter of your embodiment. Through the means of Kirlian photography, your scientists have already photographed the first coronal field of the aura. Yet there are still greater electromagnetic fields that surround your body, for the aura extends from the density of electricity — the blue corona that surrounds the body — into the infiniteness of thought.

The aura is the Spirit of your being. The Spirit of your being — what I call the God of your being — connects directly to the mind of God, the flow of consciousness where all things are known. One part of the aura is a powerful electromagnetic field of positive and negative electrum. Beyond the electromagnetic field, there are no divisions to the electrum. It is an undivided light sphere, which is pure energy. The light sphere allows all thought from the river of knowingness to flow through this great and powerful field. Which thoughts become known to you are determined by your thought processes, for the electromagnetic portion of your aura draws thought to you according to your thinking.

Your Spirit is like a sieve on the bank of the ever-moving, ever-changing river of thought. Through that light you stand in receivership of the mind of God, the thought flow where all knowledge is. Thus you have the ability to know all there is to know, for you are in the continuous flow of all consciousness, the river of all knowledge.

Consciousness is like a river, and your whole self — including every cell of your body — is continuously being fed by it, for thought supports and gives credence to your life. You live by thought from consciousness flow. Just as your body lives by the flow of blood that carries the substance of food to every cell, so is your whole self being sustained through the substance of thought emanating from the flow of consciousness.

You create every moment of your existence with thought that comes from consciousness flow. You are continuously taking thought from the river of thought, feeling it in your soul, feeding and expanding your entire being through that emotion, and putting the thought of your expanded self back out into the river, which expands the consciousness of all life. You may contemplate a thought of creativity this day, and as you do, the thought is felt, recorded in your soul as an electrical frequency, and that same frequency leaves your body and goes out into consciousness for someone else to pick up and create from. What you think and feel, everyone else has access to. They feed from your thoughts and you feed from theirs.

How do you have the ability to pick up thought from consciousness flow? The electromagnetic portion of your aura draws thought to you according to your thought processes and your emotional state of being. In order for thought to feed you — in order for it to be felt and realized within your being — it first must be lowered into a light-form. Once thought meets the Spirit of your being, the light surrounding your body, it explodes into a burst of light; that is, thought ignites itself once it meets light. Light lowers the substance of thought; thus light has drawn like to it. Thought is unseen and then seen through a burst of light. The thought, in the form of light, enters your brain and is transmuted into an electrical light propellant of a given frequency, according to the value of the thought being received.

The moment you become aware of any one thing, you are receiving the thought of it. At the moment you are receiving the thought, the light of that thought is received by your brain. There are entities who occasionally see bursts of light, usually out of the sides of their eyes. What they are seeing in most instances is their own Spirit’s acceptance of thought. The very moment they see the light before them in brilliant display is the moment that thought has entered into their auric field and displayed itself within their brain. If you close your eyes and see the movement of color or the expansion of designs, you are perceiving what thought looks like entering into your brain.

Your brain is a grand receiver of electrical thought frequencies, with different parts designed to receive, house, and amplify the different frequencies of thought. The different parts have different potentials to house and electrify thought, depending upon the density of water in its cellular walls. Some parts are capable of housing and amplifying only the higher thought frequencies; other parts house and amplify only the lower frequencies of thought.

The Science of Knowing - How Understanding the Knowledge of the Auric Field Becomes Enlightenment

Your brain does not create thought, contrary to popular belief. It simply allows thought to enter into it from consciousness flow. It is an organ designed by the Gods specifically for the purpose of receiving and housing thought that has come through the Spirit of your being, transforming it into an electrical current, amplifying it, and sending it through the central nervous system to every part of your body so that it can be realized for an understanding.

In your technology, you have what is termed radio receivers with gauges to determine sound volume and which megahertz or frequency level is received. Well, the brain is also a receiver with gauges, and it can receive a given frequency only if the part of your brain designed to house that frequency has been activated.

Your brain’s ability to receive different thought frequencies is controlled by a powerful gauge called the pituitary gland, which is lodged between the left and right hemispheres of your brain. The pituitary, also called the seventh seal, rules your brain. It is responsible for activating different parts of your brain to receive and house the different thought frequencies. It is the door that opens your capacity to contemplate and reason with thought, realize it throughout your body, and manifest it into an experience for greater understanding.

The pituitary is a very small but very wonderful little gland that many call the third eye. Well, one does not have a third eye; there is no room for it in your head. The pituitary doesn’t even look like an eye; it looks like a pear with a little mouth at the narrow point, and it appears to be petallike. Your brain is governed and controlled by the functions of this powerful gland through a complex system of hormone flows. The pituitary, which is a ductless gland, secretes a hormone that flows through the brain into the mouth of the pineal, another ductless gland, which sits near the pituitary at the base of the lower cerebellum and above the spinal column. The pineal, or sixth seal, is the gauge responsible for amplifying thought frequencies so they can be sent throughout the body. The hormone flow from the pituitary into the pineal is what activates different parts of your brain to receive and house the different thought frequencies.

How does thought create the experiences of your life? The pineal is the seal of knowing into manifestation. Whatever knowingness you allow yourself to receive will become a reality first in your body, for the pineal is responsible for sending that thought as an electrical current throughout your body, to be registered as emotion. The more unlimited the thought, the greater and faster the frequency that is shot throughout your body; thus the greater the high or rush experienced in your body. That feeling is then recorded and stored in your soul as a given frequency. The feeling of every thought, recorded in your soul, is then put forth into your aura as an expectancy, and that expectancy activates the electromagnetic portion of your light-field to draw to you — much like a magnet — the likeness of whatever your collective-attitude thinking is. It will draw to you situations, things, objects, or entities that will create the same feelings experienced in your body from all of your thoughts. Why? So you can experience your thoughts through a three-dimensional reality for the prize of experience called wisdom.

How are your desires manifested? A desire is nothing more than the thought of fulfillment seen through an object, entity, or experience. Whatever thought of fulfillment you allow yourself to feel leaves your body through your electromagnetic field, and it goes into consciousness flow to draw to you whatever will produce the same feeling from the desire experienced in your body. The more completely and intensely that desire is felt within your body, the more complete will be its fulfillment. And the more you know with absolute certainty that your desire will be fulfilled, the quicker the manifestation, for absolute knowingness is a high frequency thought that enhances the expectancy put forth through the auric field, thus amplifying your power to manifest your desires.

You have the ability to know everything there is to know. That is what your brain was designed for, so that a God living on a physical plane in a physical body could experience and understand whatever dimension of God he desired, seen through three-dimensional forms. Whatever thoughts you allow yourself to know through your wonderful receiver will become an experienced reality, seen first within your embodiment and then through the conditions of your life. And whatever you desire, you have the ability — through knowing — to manifest into your life in the twinkling of an eye. That is how you create the kingdom of heaven on Earth.

It is a simple science. Remember: Thought is; then light is seen; then light is lowered into electrical impulses. Electrical impulses are lowered, lowered, lowered to become mass, and from the mass they are lowered to represent the thought ideal. The same truth works in the body. It is thought, light, receiving unit; from the receiving unit, it takes the electrum and runs it through the mass in order for the mass to understand through feeling. To manifest your desires, all you have to do is feel whatever you desire, and the feeling is sent back to the Father to fulfill your desires. That is all there is to it. Too simple? You want it more complex?

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