You Can Change the World, For You Are Divine Beings


Teaching from Ramtha the Enlightened One
Author: Ramtha

I have endeavored to impart to you that you are divine. It is a grand opportunity to be alive, to see a sunrise, a moon, and you are divine and endeavoring to get past your altered egos. For that message to go within, that it can be lived, has been an arduous task, to say the least.

To say you are divine, to love God, that whole statement should revel inside of you because what is your life in the light of all eternity? How are your choices in the light of all eternity? In this breath of life in those few moments, what is it worth? It is a grand statement to say that that which is the without is within you, that you are divine, and the very virtue of your choices you are. It is an outrageous statement but it is the truth. There is nothing I have addressed about the days to come that one who is endowed with divinity cannot change.

The whole is affected by the one. How great is any one of you who is willing to change simply to provide your provisions? If you cannot bring yourself to see the necessity in that, then why do you think that mankind as a whole is going to change its need of fossil fuels regardless of it destroying the Earth? If you can’t see the need to put up your own food, why should they see the need to cease their greed?

Change takes a lot of courage. It takes courage to say “No, thank you” and address a future that was so planned out with all the success, all the money, all the fame, all the recognition, and doing something historic for humanity. How have your futures been affected by what I have told you? It affected a lot of them, yet that future is only as strong as the moment lived. The more the awareness comes to the surface, the more the enlightenment, knowledge, and understanding. Look at those fish lying on the beach. What are they telling you? Look at the tree. Why is it dying? It only takes a moment to wake up. The more and more that people wake up, the whole of the world could change the next moment. Certainly nature is on your side in a most compatible commodity as long as the respect and regard for life are there.

I love you, masters, for I have been one of you, and even this hour as I speak I address you physically in a modicum of expression. You have the power to change your personal reality, to bring joy. You have the power to plant a seed and watch it grow. You have the power to make a difference but it takes courage to make that difference. You did not come here to hear anything else but about your future and what is happening and what is going to happen. You came here to understand. That took courage, but the greatest courage comes from God within you, not from your altered ego. That great courage is aligned specifically with the forward thrust called evolution, nature, life, the courage to look after yourself, the courage to live your light, that your light may be brilliant to the world. It takes a rare entity to do that, but there are entities who are just rare and outrageous enough to be that because they want to.

Perhaps it is something very subtle such as the choice of kindness or the choice of forgiveness when the fashion is not to forgive.

There is no dignity in enslavement. There never was. Dignity is only in a human being who is free, sovereign, and who lives that dignity to the greatest ability in its own intimate world in the whole of all eternity. That is human dignity. No one got you in this pickle. No one forced you. It was sliding into a comfort zone that made it all right. It was a deception that created a veil of security. It was allowance. It was not taking responsibility for your personal life. It was giving the responsibility to governments, politicians, kings, moneymakers, and bankers to make the decision on what your world should be like, and if it isn’t right you can always blame them. It all begins with you and who you are.

Sovereignty is nearly lost. It is almost a mythical dream, something not really tangible in this world of hard facts and realities, yet it is the optimum for each entity to achieve in this understanding. What you have created you can uncreate by getting unstuck and going forward. If that means living off the land in a hovel, growing your own food, and in the next four to five years making as much gold as you possibly can and embracing genius every chance you get to buy your freedom and secure your right, then go for it. I will help you. So be it.

If it means taking back your dignity and your power that is what it means to live from the God of your being rather than the altered ego. If it means coming forward for the first time in your life and growing hair, do it. If it means taking charge of your life, do it. If it means changing, moving forward, realizing every boring thing in your life is a repetition of the altered ego, something already learned and yet repeated, go forward. If it means indeed for the first time in your life that you speak from the Lord God of your being and speak a truth — that perhaps everyone despises you because you say it — you have spoken your truth boldly. You have become an individual. “I am an individual and gave away nothing, betrayed nothing to the love of God, prostituted no thing to man for the love of God.” Only in a bold move and assertion is genius born. Is there a great light that walks with you? Is the opportunity there that allows you? Are you chosen? The faceless mob will not be chosen, for they have already made the choice of no choice.

How subtle can it be living your own integrity? How can you be outraged at the hole in the stratum and then you get in your automachine, fire it up, and go for a drive? It is as subtle as being impeccable to something that you know is right within you and having the boldness and courage to live it. Perhaps it is something very subtle such as the choice of kindness or the choice of forgiveness when the fashion is not to forgive. Perhaps it is as bold as saying, “Within my reality I have no enemies, for within my reality exists only the glory of God, and in the glory of God into omnipresence lies not evil but the continuum of forever good, and thus that be my reality. It is only within the hearts of man that he chooses wickedness and war. In mine, I choose that no longer. I have no enemies.” That is living a truth that is reflected into all of the fabric of life. Spiritual mumbo jumbo doesn’t do anything if it is not lived and not recognized as the heartbeat of life itself. A philosophy will only gain you a lot of talk and a lot of repeating, but it will mean nothing in putting bread on the table.

You can wear all of the crystals in the world, live in them, wear them, serve on them, sit on them, sleep on them, travel on them, but they will not make you survive and will not allow you to know God. That is personal. Everything that is in change is volatile. Everything that is occurring can be changed in the next moment. The whole human race has had no recent ideals, only hypocrites, but the ideal was never anything outside of you but rather you.

As I told you, you choose the chosen. You choose to live in what will be criticized as a stupid, outrageous, inconceivable, uncompromising way of life. If that way of life affords you liberty and sovereignty, then forgive your brethren, for they are merely echoing the sentiments of those who own them. If you choose to be the Lord God of your being, you will see the glory of God and hear the voice that has never been heard. You will see the return of the immaculate Christ, many of them. You will see the Lord of Hosts. You will see the New Jerusalem, the New Age, as it is so termed, but really you will see superconsciousness. With the removal of the altered ego, the brain opens and blooms. With the removal of fear, the soul is in evolution. With the removal of the blinded cataracts of limitation, you will be able to see the dimensions and light that you never perceived before.

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