Unexpected insights from brilliant minds, explore ancient knowledge and sacred wisdom based on their own experiences and years of study.

Meeting Monroe: Conversations with a Man Who Came to Earth

There are many stories of great teachers and enlightened beings walking alongside us, unnoticed, unknown, and observing humanity and intervening with their knowledge and wisdom in....

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The Wisdom of Crowds and Remote Viewing

A couple of years ago we came across a site called Remote View Daily (RVD), which distinguished itself from all the other remote-viewing sites we had seen in the past. This site was different because it offered....

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Wild Mind

It’s time to take another look at ourselves — to re-enliven our sense of what it is to be human, to breathe new life into ancient intuitions of who we are, and to learn again to celebrate, as we....

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Reclaiming the Self: Does the ‘self’ exist? Of course it does!

If there is one concept which has been under constant attack by psychologists and philosophers over the last few decades, it is the idea that you are ‘someone’, that you existing as a ‘self’ inside your mental space is an illusion.

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Lyn Buchanan and Remote Viewing - Lyn Buchanan Discusses Traveling in Time

Lyn Buchanan and Remote Viewing

In 1995, the United States Government declassified documents which revealed the existence of a Controlled Remote Viewing Unit working under U.S. Intelligence and Security Command to gather intelligence about foreign leaders and governments...

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How Do We Grow New Neurons into the Future and the Unknown?

In this excerpt prepared for SuperConsciousness Magazine from the new book of Ramtha’s teachings, The Mind Gladiators of the Future, by Hun Nal Ye Publishing, Ramtha describes what we can do to change old patterns of thinking, stale habits and unwanted attitudes....

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The Rise and Fall of the Halo - Miceal Ledwith

The Rise and Fall of the Halo

Stories of the renowned saints and mystics always fascinate; the vortex of many colors that surrounded Joseph of Cupertino before he performed his outstanding feats of levitation and teleportation; or the adventures of that paradox of mysteries, Teresa of Avila...

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Are you using knowledge, or is knowledge using you?

I began my apprenticeship into my family’s tradition in San Diego, California, when I was fourteen years old. My seventy-nine-year-old grandmother, Madre Sarita, was my teacher and....

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Are You Happy Now?

I was lying on my sofa one afternoon thinking to myself… “OK Barbara, now that you’ve been through so much and are getting older, what do you need to remember to live a happy life? If you would sum it....

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Changing The Timeline Of Our Destiny

You can draw your destiny line, the line of your life, with parallels above and below it of different options from your youth to your puberty to your young adulthood, different options, different....

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