Unexpected insights from brilliant minds, explore ancient knowledge and sacred wisdom based on their own experiences and years of study.

Psychic Intuition

Psychic Intuition was written as a way to create a starting point of conversation between skeptics and believers. Using my own background as an attorney and trained psychic medium, I carefully straddle both worlds and....

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Is There Physical Evidence That We Live More Than One Life?

There is no shortage of reincarnation cases to investigate, if you know where to look, but finding the perfect case – one that satisfies the most diligent of researchers as well as hardened skeptics – has proved impossible until now. There are...

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The Relentless Lie

In relation to the body and the soul, the mind is an interface that interprets our world and creates our experience, and it begins very young. The generational patterns....

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Are We Heading Towards Extinction or Conscious Evolution?

We are being presented with the greatest opportunity that humanity has ever consciously faced together: the effort to co-create a planetary shift in time to avert global catastrophe by helping humanity cross the gap from “Here” — our current breakdowns — to “There” — our....

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The Universe As a Symphony of Strings

What do fifth century B.C.E. Pythagoreans have in common with modern state-of-the art cosmologists and physicists? In a word — strings! Read this fascinating article from Jill Mattson, author....

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Return to Harmony

Are we suffering from a disorder that leads to materialism, status-seeking, and other pathological types of behavior such as dogmatic religion, warfare and environmental destruction? What are some of the....

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Jesus’ Final Initiation

In this excerpt from Ramtha, A Beginner’s Guide to Creating Reality, he offers a refreshing look at the miraculous power attributed to Jesus Christ, Yeshua ben Joseph, that disposes of myth and brings us closer to the science behind what he did and knew.

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Power of the Sovereign Spirit

For a growing number of people focusing on matters of consciousness, sacred knowledge and personal freedom, the reclamation of the word sovereign has become profoundly....

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Sex and God - Osho

Sex and God

The first thing is that up till now, all of human culture has been against sex, against passion. This opposition, this negation has shattered and destroyed the possibility of the birth of love in humans...

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Can We See the Future?

To answer this, I am not going to refer to philosophical arguments or empirical evidence, but to personal insight. The answer is, “Yes, we can sense the future, although it may not be an inevitable future.” My understanding is that we can sense our possible futures....

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