Unexpected insights from brilliant minds, explore ancient knowledge and sacred wisdom based on their own experiences and years of study.

Axicala Aliqu – The Sacred Song of Life

It is not uncommon to find more insights about “real life” in books that are within the genre of fiction than in non-fiction or science books. Dr Ali’s, Axicala Aliqu – The Sacred Song of Life, is one of these cases.

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The Book of the Dead according to Science - a Psychologist's Exploration of Near Death Experiences (NDE)

“So many cases of 'incurable' depression, phobias, anxieties, and physical illnesses find complete resolution when the cause is healed from beyond the current life.” — R. Woolger

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The Greatest Things Are Achieved In A Light Heart

“The first thing I said to my daughter is that the greatest things are achieved in a light heart. It is not the heart, the pump, but the heart in humanity, meaning the true self, not the intellectual self. The heart always represented God. The intellect....

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The Identifiable God - A Reminder from Ramtha of the Ongoingness of All Life

The Identifiable God

Each of you is upon this plane for many reasons, but the grandest reason of all and of utmost importance is to understand and love the greatest mystery of all, the point called self. And that point I refer to appropriately as God the Father within you...

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The Science of Knowing - How Understanding the Knowledge of the Auric Field Becomes Enlightenment

The Science of Knowing

There are many upon your blessed plane who are struggling arduously to be enlightened, as it were, a most worthwhile thing to be. Yet there are few who truly understand what that term means. To be enlightened simply means to be in light of...

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What is Intuition? - Laura Day and How Intuition Empowers Our Lives

What is Intuition?

Have you ever experienced, in a fully visceral, soul-talkingdirectly- to-you kind of way, a shockingly clear, unbelievably useful piece of intuitive information, a tiny morsel of data that you simply, for the life of you, could not explain away? Have you ever just known...

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You Can See the Future - Interview with Mike Wright

You Can See the Future

Beyond intuition and remote viewing lies an additional level of perceiving future information: The ability to see the future clearly and with eyes open. Developing the neurological connections between the parts of the brain that “perceive”...

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Seeing the Future - The Science of Premonition by Dr. Larry Dossey

Seeing the Future

The allure of future knowing is ancient and powerful. As author and remote-viewing researcher Stephan A. Schwartz says, “There is no siren whose call is quite so exquisite as the music of the future. For as long as writing has existed there are records showing...

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Bridging Medicine and Spirituality - Interview with Dr. Allan Hamilton

Bridging Medicine and Spirituality

As the rapid current brought his small canoe inexorably closer to the fork in the river, Dr. Allan Hamilton was in a state of near panic. In one direction lay the small Gabonese village where he was supposed to act as chief medic and immunize children...

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Walker Between Two Worlds - Exclusive Interview with JZ Knight

Walker Between Two Worlds

In February, 1977, JZ Knight, housewife, mother and accomplished business woman, standing in her kitchen playing with pyramids, saw something on the other side of the room: “This glitter, like you would take a handful and turn it loose through a ray of sunshine...

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