Unexpected insights from brilliant minds, explore ancient knowledge and sacred wisdom based on their own experiences and years of study.

Seeing the Future - The Science of Premonition by Dr. Larry Dossey

Seeing the Future

The allure of future knowing is ancient and powerful. As author and remote-viewing researcher Stephan A. Schwartz says, “There is no siren whose call is quite so exquisite as the music of the future. For as long as writing has existed there are records showing...

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Bridging Medicine and Spirituality - Interview with Dr. Allan Hamilton

Bridging Medicine and Spirituality

As the rapid current brought his small canoe inexorably closer to the fork in the river, Dr. Allan Hamilton was in a state of near panic. In one direction lay the small Gabonese village where he was supposed to act as chief medic and immunize children...

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Walker Between Two Worlds - Exclusive Interview with JZ Knight

Walker Between Two Worlds

In February, 1977, JZ Knight, housewife, mother and accomplished business woman, standing in her kitchen playing with pyramids, saw something on the other side of the room: “This glitter, like you would take a handful and turn it loose through a ray of sunshine...

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Faith, Fear, and Free Will

Just as religion has helped shape our modern culture, religious faith has also helped in shaping the architecture of our personal identity, our perception of ourselves and of the world around us. How has religious belief in a supreme being shaped the...

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What is Genius - A Teaching from Ramtha

What is Genius?

Genius is sort of relative to intelligence, isn’t it? For example, if you were a small animal and your keepers were larger animals, then you would presume that they were more intelligent than you...

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Ramtha Blessing: Becoming  The Observer

Ramtha: Words of Power and Blessing for Ourselves and Our World – Becoming and Speaking as the Observer

Saints and masters in the past knew an occult knowledge you don’t know. They understood the alchemy of self, and that true self is what the artificial self appeals to...

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How Geniuses Think - Thinking Strategies to Develop Genius

How Geniuses Think

How do geniuses come up with ideas? What is common to the thinking style that produced “Mona Lisa,” as well as the one that spawned the theory of relativity? What characterizes the thinking strategies of the Einsteins, Edisons, da Vincis...

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Born Strong Live Strong

Born Strong Live Strong

Buckingham argues that the Strength Movement is not about changing people, but helping them to become more of who they already are. “Guided by the belief that....

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Awakening Education to meet the Future

Awakening Education to Meet the Future

Jenifer Fox is a remarkable educator. She is equipped with a Masters of Education from Harvard, has experienced almost thirty years of practical experience as a teacher....

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Growing Talent

Growing Talent: Interview with Daniel Coyle

What do a Russian tennis club, a legendary music academy in the Adirondacks, and the streets of Sao Paulo, Brazil have in common? All of them produce world-class performers, a fact which led journalist and author Daniel Coyle....

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