Cleve Backster and Primary Perception

Video created by: John Carnagey In 1966 Cleve Backster conducted his now famous experiment in which he attached a polygraph machine to a plant and was amazed to see that it was alive and was reading out in much the same way a human polygraph readout would display. Backster went on to experiment with biocommunication in plant and animal cells, which led to his theory of "primary perception."

These amazing plants have the ability to sense the thoughts and moods of humans, they display signs of 'stress' when other plants or animals are harmed. They remember those who have harmed other plants and begin to become 'stressed' by there presence. These plants are alive in ways that modern science is only beginning to understand. Yet many of the worlds ancient masters of many creeds spoke frequently and emphasized the interconnected oneness of all life. That everything is connected to an underlying common mind or source.

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