Happy Holidays and New Year 2012

Comet Lovejoy

From time immemorial, people from every culture and part of the world have looked to the sky for signs of hope, inspiration, or guidance and to get a glimpse of what the future may bring.

This holiday season, as we all share with our loved ones and think about the year to come, what could be a more inspiring omen of our times than to see a comet named LOVEJOY dive right into the heart of our solar system — when the experts anticipated it would not survive the close proximity to the sun and this could be its final journey — only to come out on the other side alive, brighter, and ready to continue another long journey across space and enjoy a new adventure.

Enjoy this wonderful video of comet LOVEJOY sent to us by our friend C. Alex Young from The Sun Today.org that he created from his team’s observations of the comet at NASA.

The journey continues!

Again, to the outer reaches!