12 Things You Didn't Know about Food

Author: Jaime Leal Anaya


Most people do not want to change to eat healthy and get healthy, and are nervous eaters. Changing our habits that contribute to so many chronic and common illnesses today, and taking action for our own wellness, begins with becoming aware of the factors and causes behind the scenes.

  1. Skipping meals can actually make you gain weight.
  2. Everything you need for good health and healing is provided in Nature.
  3. Experts are now realizing that our food should be our medicine.
  4. People are addicted to flavor enhancers and preservatives rather than the food they think they like.
  5. Drinking plain water, not juices or soft drinks, is crucial for overall health and brain function.
  6. Fruit juices and smoothies are not a health food and can throw your health out of balance.
  7. Well cooked, roasted, or barbecued meat can be hazardous for health.
  8. Drinking cow’s milk could be detrimental to your health and is not recommended for adults.
  9. Foods listed as “fat free”, “sugar free” or “diet” are not healthy alternatives.
  10. Protein drinks and energy bars are not a healthy meal replacement.
  11. Stress and lack of sleep can affect your weight and your sex life.
  12. Taking action to change and improve your health would also contribute to the health of our planet.

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