Beam me up Scotty!


Summer 2010 Issue

Successful Teleportation of Energy

Beam me up Scotty!

Five years after successfully teleporting information, Masahiro Hotta of Tohoku University, Japan has developed a theory that proves energy can be teleported the same way. Hotta has shown how a series of entangled particles could be stretched across an infinite amount of space before an energy change is induced in one of the particles, which would dictate a change in the entangled particles as well. In order to conserve energy, Hotta’s theory destroys the original particle, ultimately passing its energy to the final particle in the chain, resulting in a successful teleportation of energy from one particle to another. At this point there is no physical blueprint of an energy replacement plan, although researchers believe this development could lead to practical, and potentially significant changes in energy distribution.

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What kind of device would you create if teleportation is made possible?

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