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Obama Announces Lab Day

Educate to Innovate

On November 23, 2009 President Obama announced National Lab Day as a part of his administration’s campaign to promote science and technology education. NLD will run the first week of May, 2010 and will be the culmination of a series of lab activities. This effort, which includes community volunteers, organizations of teachers, scientists and engineers and partnerships with private businesses, will give ten million children grades six through twelve the chance to engage in laboratory projects from bubbling chemicals to a LHC linked laptop. Teachers will propose projects on the NLD website while sponsors, volunteers and scientists search through the proposals to decide which they would like to assist. One of the proposed projects teaches kids how to program applications for iPhones or Androids. The “Educate to Innovate” campaign has gotten a number of larger businesses to partner, and reports that the private sector has already committed more than $260 million to the project.

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