Is Extreme Weather a Consequence of Climate Change?

Global Warming and Weather Trends

Is Extreme Weather a Consequence of Climate Change?

Ovents of extreme weather have long been news worthy, but now those events are being accompanied by a question: “Is this a consequence of climate change?” While climate scientists maintain that weather and climate are two separate sciences and that “global warming, driven by greenhouse gases, cannot be said to ‘cause’ any specific manifestation of weather in a simple deterministic sense,” it is perhaps no wonder that the public continues to question whether there is a connection.

For years, warnings about worsening weather have been issued in an attempt to raise concern about global warming, causing most people to associate climate with weather and vice versa.

As extreme weather continues to be associated with the rise of global warming, scientists now plan to coordinate routine efforts that would quickly assess the extent to which extreme weather events should be linked to global warming.

Although the plans still need funding, access to climate data, and support from the necessary climate centers, it is hoped that the potential alliance would make science findings more accessible to the public, as well as oblige scientists to provide more definitive answers about the impact of global warming.