Happiness and Heart Disease


Summer 2010 Issue

How do emotions effect our heart?

Happiness and Heart Disease

A study led by Dr. Karina Davidson and other US researchers observed the health of 1,700 people over a ten-year span. They found that anxious and depressed individuals were at a higher risk of heart disease than those who had a more positive outlook on life. The study, published in the European Heart Journal, assessed participants on a five-point scale for emotions ranging from hostility and anxiousness to joy and enthusiasm. Those who ranked high in the happiness scale had a 22% lower risk of having heart problems, although by the end of the analysis only 145 people had actually developed heart disease. The research team now believes that happier people may sleep better, suffer less stress, and be able to get over upsetting experiences quicker. Although Davidson admits that more research is needed, she still recommends that people spend a few minutes each day relaxing and enjoying themselves.

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