Meditation Leads To Better Focus


Meditation Sharpens Attention

Meditation Leads To Better Focus

Individuals who have experienced trouble focusing on tasks may now have a solution to the problem: meditation. Antoine Lutz, a scientist at UW-Madison, led a study on the effects of meditation and mental attention span. The study tested the reaction time and variability in brain response on subjects given a series of frequent standard and irregular tones in both ears. Subjects were asked to pay attention to sounds in only one ear, and to press a button whenever they heard an irregular tone. The scientists then used electroencephalography (EEG) to measure the electrical activity of each brain. After three months of intense Vipassana meditation training, the participants retested. Researchers found that after the meditation training, all participants’ brain response became more consistent, and that individuals with ADHD – those that had the highest degree of variability in reaction time—showed the greatest improvement. This discovery has important implications not just for students or individuals functioning in intense work environments, but for anyone looking to improve their focus skills through self-training.

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