New SuperConsciousness Announcement

Author: Jair Robles

Four years ago I began the editorial project called SuperConsciousness. The desire to be part of a change in consciousness in our times, heralded by many throughout the centuries, was the inspiration that gave life to SuperConsciousness Magazine.

There were many clear signs I perceived of this change and of a new consciousness emerging, such as the diminished popularity and domain of longstanding institutions such as the Catholic Church and religion in general, which have been loosing followers by the millions; the evident failure of “free markets” and neoliberal economic thought as a means to achieve prosperity for the world’s population; as well as the emergence of new paradigms of thought, such as the body-mind connection or quantum theory and new scientific discoveries and technologies that are transforming the world we live in at an increasingly rapid pace.

Sc Announcement

Such dynamic changes happening all around us inspired me to search and share with others the wealth of information and ideas available, both from ancient times and new scientific breakthroughs. I was convinced that tapping into these resources would bring greater clarity and possible solutions to the challenges our society faces today, help us understand our latent human potential yet to be discovered and experienced, and create a new horizon for our future.

The tremendous success, across borders and cultures, of the documentary film “What The Bleep Do We Know!?” was a clear indicator to me of the growing interest in “spiritual ideas” and their practical application in people’s lives. A richer spiritual media was ready to emerge. Today we can attest to this by the quality and quantity of new spiritual films created every year like The Quantum Activist, The Secret, and more recently, Wake Up.

This was the context, in very broad terms, from which SuperConsciousness Magazine emerged. From the beginning, SuperConsciousness was intended to stand out above a merely philosophical approach very common within the New Age Movement and report on strong evidence-based research. This publication was also designed to represent and reflect the emerging and evolving state of human spiritual understanding.

As I stated in an editorial piece some months ago, SuperConsciousness is a purpose driven company. And since its beginning, the most important thing for me, was to reach the largest amount of people possible with the information found and lovingly put together in editorial and art form. The intention was to become a new vehicle of expression for those who have dedicated their lives to the exploration and understanding of our human potential.

The journey has been a continuous learning process with many challenges along the way. Not unlike many other publications who have struggled to maintain their presence in the midst of radical changes within the industry, SuperConsciousness Magazine has also faced great financial challenges to achieve self-sustainability. In order to be able to continue with SuperConsciousness I have decided to stop our regular print and digital quarterly publication.

For all those who have supported SuperConsciousness as subscribers, and encouraged me throughout these past four years to continue, I want to sincerely thank you. You were always a source of inspiration and great satisfaction. If you are a current subscriber, expect to receive a letter in the mail with your corresponding refund.

This has not been an easy decision to make. Like many of you, I consider myself old school and love the experience of reading words on paper in the comfort of our beds, armchair or wherever that special place may be for you. I still find myself having a hard time reading the magazines I have subscribed to and downloaded on my iPad. I think the technology and its capabilities for “print” media are wonderful and very promising for the future. The option of a digital magazine still remains open as these technologies continue to evolve. If they become the leading way to deliver financially supported editorial information, I will surely reconsider having one. But this is not the end of the line for us . . .

For the past year our greatest growth in readership was through our online channels. Electronic readership surpassed our print circulation in many ways. Our main online presence is achieved through the new website,, which is supported by a Weekly Newsletter with information about what is new on the site — delivered freely to its subscribers via email — as well as daily postings through Facebook, Twitter and Linked In.

Publishing our content online and promoting it through social media channels, such as Facebook and our Weekly Newsletter, also provides immediate feedback of our content and shows us what is of greatest interest to our readers. I intend for these new communication tools to continue to play an important role in the creation of our editorial content from now on.

SuperConsciousness will continue to bring you inspiring and enlightening information every week, both from content from past issues that has never been published online as well as new articles and interviews. In the near future you can expect to see new sections that will surely emerge as we move forward and this new project unfolds with your participation and support.

New online content will focus on a broad range of topics that include the expressed interests of our readership as well as significant current events.

I encourage those of you who have expressed an interest in contributing and submitting articles, stories, and suggestions to SuperConsciousness Magazine, to join our “Community” in the Web site and post your work there. A selection process will be implemented to decide which of those collaborations will be included on our main site.

If you come across articles, interviews, or stories that you feel fit the editorial profile of our magazine, email the link to us at: We will begin to include these stories in our “Latest News” section.

I believe that SuperConsciousness, as a term, will continue to gain relevance as the future unfolds, and humanity too, as a collective, will continue to grow in spiritual understanding and embrace those changes that spring before us as opportunities from that new vision. There are so many fascinating changes happening and new discoveries unfolding.

I am very excited to begin this new phase and will be waiting to hear back from you, so that together we can develop the future of SuperConsciousness.

Finally, I would like to express again that I am truly grateful for your support during the past four years and that I wish to continue to share this dream of change and evolution with all of you.

Thank you,

Jair Robles
SuperConsciousness Magazine