Current projects, businesses and creative endeavors that highlight our innate abilities or enhance self-sufficiency and benefit the planet.

Recyclable Solar Powered Backpack - Cradle to Cradle Backpack with Solar Power

Recyclable Solar Powered Backpack

Karan Singh Gandhi, a Mumbai designer has devised a backpack that has multimedia capabilities, and is completely sustainable. With the Androcell Backpack, Gandhi aims to explore the role of technology in green design. Not only does the backpack...

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100,000 Year Old Civilization Uncovered - Lost Civilization in the Persian Gulf

100,000 Year Old Civilization Uncovered

According to an article recently published by Current Anthropology, the Persian Gulf may have housed one of the earliest human populations. Archeologist and researcher, Jeffrey Rose, with the University of Birmingham in the U.K. believes that humans...

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Teleportation of DNA Molecules - DNA and Teleportation

Teleportation of DNA Molecules

Many physicists are perplexed after a publication by Luc Montagnier, a Nobel Prize winning biologist, and his team of scientists cited details of an experiment where a fragment of DNA appeared to teleport itself between test tubes. In the experiment, Montagnier placed...

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A Disease Called Loneliness - Health Effects of Loneliness

A Disease Called Loneliness

A recent number of papers published by John Cacioppo, a social psychologist at the University of Chicago in Illinois, and colleagues suggests that chronic loneliness can cause unhealthy changes in the cardiovascular, immune, and nervous systems...

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Jordan's Desert: A Green Eden? - Using Solar Power to Run Seawater Greenhouses

Jordan's Desert: A Green Eden?

In mid-January 2011, the governments of Jordan and Norway signed an agreement with the Sahara Forest Project (SFP), an environmental technology group from Norway, to build a 20-hectare demonstration center capable of turning...

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Imagine More Eat Less

Imagine More, Eat Less

Researchers know that continual exposure to a certain food will decrease a person’s desire to consume that food; what they didn’t know was whether imagining eating would have the same effect. Carey Morewedge, an experimental psychologist at...

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New Solar Fuel - Solar device that works like plants

New Solar Fuel

A prototype solar device has recently been unveiled in Science, which uses aspects of plant life to generate the sun’s energy into power. The machine was developed by researchers in the U.S. and Switzerland and uses a quartz window and cavity to...

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Prescribing Placebos - Mind over body

Prescribing Placebos

Many doctors believe that telling a patient about a placebo would negate its effects. Ted Kaptchuk of Harvard Medical School in Boston however, has recently published a paper that might prove otherwise. Kaptchuk and a team of researchers recruited 80...

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The Incredidble case of Ben.. mice - Mice that age backwards

The Incredidble case of Ben...Mice

Although scientists don’t completely understand why our cells eventually stop dividing, many of them believe that the shrinking of protective DNA caps on the end of chromosomes called telomeres may be responsible. This is based on the fact that...

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Flexible human Cells - The Future of Stem-Cell Biology

Flexible Human Cells

Embryonic stem cell research has long proven difficult and controversial, which is why scientists are so enthusiastic about recent success with another type of cell research: specialized direct conversion. Direct conversion skips the embryonic stem cell...

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