Current projects, businesses and creative endeavors that highlight our innate abilities or enhance self-sufficiency and benefit the planet.

Magic Camera

A Massachusetts Institute of Technology team has created a camera that can record images around corners. By collecting light from ultra-short high-intensity laser bursts, the device is able to illuminate a scene and construct a basic image of its...

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Daydreaming Brings on the Blues

Daydreaming Brings on the Blues

In 2009, Harvard psychologist Daniel Gilbert and Matthew Killingsworth, a psychology doctoral student at Harvard launched trackyourhappiness.org, a website designed to....

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A Jog a Day Keeps the Doctor Away - Exercise and Inmune System performance

A Jog a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

According to a study by Dr. David Neiman, director of the Human Performance Laboratory at Appalachian State University in North Carolina, people who exercise five or more times a week experience fewer and less-severe colds...

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Guardian Trees - How Nature reduces violence

Guardian Trees

Researchers from the U.S. Forest Service now believe some urban trees may reduce property crimes and acts of violence. The study, recently published in Science Daily, is based on research from neighborhoods in Portland, Oregon...

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Leaving Church Behind - Faith Matters in US society

Leaving Church Behind

In 1990, 7 percent of Americans claimed they were not a part of any organized religion. That number has now jumped to 17 percent, thanks to an increase of political associations within the religious sector. In a Faith Matters national survey of 3,000 Americans...

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Super Soaker goes Solar - Super efficient thermoelectric energy converter

Super Soaker Goes Solar

Lonnie Johnson, inventor of the well-known Super Soaker water gun has created a new gadget he calls the JTEC or, Johnson Thermoelectric Energy Converter. The JTEC is an energy converter designed to promote and push forward advances in renewable energy...

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Love therapy against pain - Love diminishes physical pain

Love Therapy Against Pain

In a study published online in the journal PLoS One, researchers Arthur Aron of State University of New York- Stony Brook and Dr. Sean Mackey of Stanford University presented findings that indicate love, at least in the early stages, can lessen physical pain...

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Clean Water with Solar Power - Cost effective desalination  water system

Clean Water with Solar Power

According to the World Health Organization 884 million people lack access to clean water; roughly one out of every eight humans. Although water desalination technologies exist, allowing impure or salty water to be cleaned...

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Plankton Thrives on Volcanic Ash - How volcanoes benefit ocean life

Plankton Thrives on Volcanic Ash

In August 2008 the Kasatochi volcano erupted, and spread ash cloud over an unusually large area of the North Pacific Ocean bounded by Canada and the Aleutian Islands. Later that month, a team of scientists including Roberta Hamme...

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Immortal Stem Cells - Unlimited Supply of Stem Cells

Immortal Stem Cells

Stem cells are considered essential to the study of regenerative medicine, but because of their limited life span, they often create expensive and time-consuming barriers for scientists and doctors who have to continuously obtain fresh samples from bone marrow donors...

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