Current projects, businesses and creative endeavors that highlight our innate abilities or enhance self-sufficiency and benefit the planet.

Collective Intelligence - Group Intelligence Resarch

Collective Intelligence

A recent study published online in Science indicates that groups of people may have a collective intelligence that is not predicated on individual aptitude within the group. Lead researcher Anita Woolley, an organizational psychologist at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh...

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Plato's Secret Symbols - The Platonic Code

Plato's Secret Symbols

Dr. Jay Kennedy, a science historian from the University of Manchester believes he has deciphered a code embedded in the ancient writings of philosopher Plato. During one school term, Kennedy happened to be teaching two courses that led him to his discovery...

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Your Brain and Decision Making - Neuroimaging Research on Decision Making.

Your Brain and Decision Making

New research published in the Sept. 17th issue of Science reports that people with a higher volume of gray matter, and high-integrity white matter, are able to better self-judge the merits of their decisions. Gray matter, located in the anterior prefrontal cortex region...

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Think you study well? Think again. - New studying techniques.

Think you study well? Think again.

For years the rules of good studying habits have remained consistent: find a quiet work place, stay focused, and stick to a schedule. Now however, many cognitive scientists are finding that the results of actual study assessments are contradicting some of these well-known approaches to learning...

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Sudden Pole Flip - Accelerated Magnetic Field Flip

Sudden Pole Flip

Every 200,000 years or so, the Earth’s magnetic poles flip. According to models of the Earth’s core, the process for north to become south and vice versa should take around 4-5,000 years. In 1995 however, scientists found a preserved lava flow...

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El NiÒo and Global Warming - Long Term Warming Trends in the Pacific

El Nino and Global Warming

Tong Lee of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, California, and Michael McPhaden of NOAA’s Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory in Seattle recently published a study in Geophysical Research Letters that reported measured changes in El Niño intensity since 1982...

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Stimulate Your Life to Avoid Cancer - New Research on Cancer Prevention

Stimulate Your Life to Avoid Cancer

A recent study by neuroscientists Matthew During and Lei Cao from Ohio State and Cornell University suggests that living in a stimulating environment may help prevent cancer...

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Lab Grown Lungs - Lung Tissue Construction

Lab Grown Lungs

Only ten to twenty percent of lung-transplant patients survive for ten years, but now scientists hope that statistic will improve. Although normally difficult to grow because of their complex structure and multiple cell types, functional new lungs have been cultivated for the first time in the lab...

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Baboons, Friends and Longevity - Friendship leads to Longer Lives

Baboons, Friends and Longevity

In 2006, anthropologist Joan Silk from the University of California in Los Angeles found that the infants of female baboons with social ties to unrelated females survived longer than the less social baboons...

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Do we Unconsciously Pursue Goals? - Free Will?

The Future of Telepathy

The features of telepathy can be divided into three main areas: the gathering of information from one brain, the transmission of the information elsewhere, and the delivery of the information to another brain...

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