Emerging Health Therapies


Spring 2010 Issue

The Living Matrix - DVD


Following a formula very similar to the one used in the blockbuster film What The Bleep Do You Know, this movie is made up of a series of interviews with some of the best known practitioners of alternative therapies and researchers of the body/mind connection such as Bruce Lipton, Eric Pearl, Edgar Mitchell and Lynne McTaggart, which are supported by digital graphics of the human body.

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Emerging Health Therapies

The movie presents real life stories of people who have been successfully healed through such therapies. Within the interviews, the theories behind these new therapies and some of the research that supports them are explained.

The information in The Living Matrix introduces recent alternative medicine technologies like energy medicine, Bio-information Therapy, etc. which raise serious question about some of the basic principles behind traditional medicine. The film proposes a new way of looking at how our bodies work and how we can achieve well-being.




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