A fresh look at controversial or popular topics in modern history and culture from those who lived them.

Future Minds

Future Minds: Interview with Harvard Professor Howard Gardner

In educational circles, Harvard developmental psychologist Howard Gardner is something of a rock star. His theory of multiple intelligences challenged....

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Out of the Shadows

Any study of genius inevitably leads to an uncomfortable question: where are the women? Where are the female Mozarts, the Teslas and the Rembrandts? The fact that half of humanity....

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Sustainable Designs in Society

Enough. It’s a simple word, but one that is rarely explored in western culture, where runaway consumption is the norm and overspending is actively encouraged. How much do we really need, and what opportunities are available to us...

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Reflections On Altruism, Aid, and Attitude - Interview with Tony Vaux

Altruism and Attitude

The world of humanitarian aid offers little time for reflection. Often, aid workers move from crisis to crisis, with barely a moment to absorb the lessons from their last posting before they are confronted with a fresh new disaster in a different land...

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Altruism: The Spiritual Connection

In 2007, a construction worker named Wesley Autrey was standing on a subway platform in New York, when a young man nearby had an epileptic seizure and....

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The People Power Revolution in the Philippines

In 1986 millions of unarmed Filipinos surprised the world by nonviolently overthrowing dictator Ferdinand Marcos. Social activist Dr. Richard Deats relates to us his experience as he witnessed and helped in the amazing feat of the “people power” movement....

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How Greg Mortenson Builds Schools in Pakistan - The Power of a Penny

How Greg Mortenson Builds Schools in Pakistan

On the first day after his inauguration, American President Barack Obama made it clear that in his administration, the focus of diplomatic and military efforts would shift from Iraq to Pakistan and Afghanistan...

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From Religion to Spirituality - Interview with Miceal Ledwith

From Religion to Spirituality

Dr. Miceal Ledwith achieved distinction as a catholic theologian who received international recognition for academic and professional accomplishment: An esteemed professor of Systemic Theology, president of the University at Maynooth...

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Real Wealth - Interview with Riane Eisler

Real Wealth

“Macrohistorian” is a term used to describe thinkers whose study encompasses the totality of human events, from our earliest beginnings to modern times, in search of patterns and laws of social change. Riane Eisler is such a thinker...

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Not Made in God's Image - Oppressing the Feminine in the Name of Religion

Not Made in God's Image

Many birds and animals will torture one of their own to death if it happens to be different or deformed. And one of the most striking features of our not too distinguished history as a people is the constant victimization of one category of the human race...

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