A fresh look at controversial or popular topics in modern history and culture from those who lived them.

From Religion to Spirituality - Interview with Miceal Ledwith

From Religion to Spirituality

Dr. Miceal Ledwith achieved distinction as a catholic theologian who received international recognition for academic and professional accomplishment: An esteemed professor of Systemic Theology, president of the University at Maynooth...

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Not Made in God's Image - Oppressing the Feminine in the Name of Religion

Not Made in God's Image

Many birds and animals will torture one of their own to death if it happens to be different or deformed. And one of the most striking features of our not too distinguished history as a people is the constant victimization of one category of the human race...

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The Winds of Change in the Arab Spring

What has happened in the last couple of years since the revolutions of the Arab Spring started? What was accomplished? What are the people from that region doing now? Is the....

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Spiritual Hitchhiker - Interview with Monroe Institute Director Paul Rademacher

Spiritual Hitchhiker

How does a husband, a father, a pastor – a person responsible for the well-being of so many others – tread the path of his own spiritual awakening? Princeton Theological Seminary graduate Paul Rademacher took on such a journey...

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Using Mindfulness to Shape Our Global Brain

Did you know that the internet has more Web sites than we have neurons in our brain? How is a toddler’s brain similar to the internet at its current stage? What can we do to ensure that both....

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Are You Speaking about Science Fiction or Science Fact?

We live in exciting times of great discoveries in all areas of science. Some of these discoveries, with the help of equally astonishing advances in technology, are bringing us ever closer to what used to exist only in science fiction novels and movies. Our favorite science....

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Becoming Your Own Vicar

My imagination asked what the religious laity would do if clergy of all faith traditions were to vanish over a period of a few years. Where would they find their religious mooring or....

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All You Have to Do Is Ask and You Shall Receive - Really?

Everyone can see that our current economic system may well be on the verge of collapse, globally. In addition to this, our planet is also in a critical state, fighting for its own well-being and survival. As the popular saying goes, “So....

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Fighting for Our Conscious Evolution in a Chaotic and Changing World

What are the agents that help our conscious evolution? What are the factors that seem to impede it, slow it down or work against it, apparently behind the scenes, in a....

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The Divine in the Simplicity of the Human

Current news and political debates in the US, for the 2012 Presidential election never miss the contentious topics of same sex marriage, Christian homophobia, as well as alien immigrants, and discrimination of other minorities or religious groups. Robert V. Taylor is the....

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