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Ending The Silence  - Interview with Waris Dirie

Ending The Silence

Growing up as a nomad in tribal Somalia, Waris Dirie had no vision of becoming a global spokesperson for little girls. She just wanted to get away from the....

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Giving Soul a Chance - From Jim Channon's Column, The Next Humans

Giving Soul a Chance

Let’s presume a man and a woman have acquired a “mindful” reason to connect. They have entered a phase beyond a natural set of socially acceptable exchanges and have begun intimate and soulful discovery. It is unfortunate, but most men...

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The Evolution of Humanity - A History of Interconnectedness

The Evolution of Humanity

Interconnectedness between human beings is most clearly seen today in the form of modern communications technologies: the internet, social networks, the newest cell phones with the greatest global reception. We are all inevitably...

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Inside The U.S. Institute of Peace - Interview with Attorney Neil Kritz

Inside The U.S. Institute of Peace

Tucked away inside the National Restaurant Association building within the heart of Washington D.C. is a little known government funded nonprofit organization - the United States Institute of Peace. Its origins can be traced back...

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The Story Behind 2012 Time for Change - Interview with Daniel Pinchbeck

The Story Behind 2012 Time for Change

The documentary, 2012 Time for Change, was originally released in 2010. It has been acclaimed at film festivals and continues to be shown at special screenings throughout the United Sates and Canada. SuperConsciousness Magazine reviewed the film...

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Rally Against Misogynistic Lyrics - Women’s Rebellion: From Outrage to Action

Rally Against Misogynistic Lyrics

The growing movement against misogynistic lyrics in popular rap and hip hop music found momentum in an unlikely place earlier this year – on the radio show of Don Imus, a middle-aged, white male shock jock...

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The Power of the Middle Class - How Being Rich is a State of Mind

The Power of the Middle Class

In your social consciousness in all humanity, assessing those instruments of knowledge that I gave you, those elements of your socioeconomic system are extraordinarily accurate. It is also with some dismay that there is an acceptable resolution...

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Creating the Future of Business - Interview with Kazimierz Gozdz

Creating the Future of Business

As the engines of great progress and invention, business organizations have been some of the most powerful creations of human kind in the past century. Yet it has become all too clear that these same institutions have also been the force behind...

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The Power Is Within You - Spiritual Leader JZ Knight Talks About Our Innate Ability to Change the World

The Power Is Within You

Allow me to read to you the transcript of a profound and moving commercial from Care.org. I saw it in Italy and to this date I have never seen it played in the US. “There is a natural resource that exists everywhere on the planet...

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Education and Income Inequality - Studies Show How Providing All Children with Enriched Environments Pays Off

Education and Income Inequality

America is a nation of paradoxes, including one that is often overlooked. In the land where “all people are created equal” a glaring inequality exists: all children do not receive an equal education, yet they are expected to compete on equal footing...

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