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Latest Articles

Interview with Russell Targ

It would probably seem strange for anyone to be asked if he or she believes in gravity for instance. Or if one were talking about sports and...


A few years ago, while I was writing Active Consciousness, I was talking to an acquaintance about higher dimensional space and how I believed...

Can Plants Read Our Thoughts? - Cleve Backster's Work with Plants and Lie Detectors

Cleve Backster's Work with Plants and Lie Detectors

Can plants somehow sense or understand our thoughts? Is that even possible? Would gaining a greater understanding of the underlying...

On The Same Wavelength

Communicating with Wild Dolphins

After thirty years of swimming with dolphins and whales, Joan Ocean is regarded as an authority on the subject of dolphin and whale communication...

An Ecology Based Education - Interview with David W. Orr

Interview with David W. Orr

What is the purpose of education? What exactly are we trying to achieve by sending kids to school for twelve years? Many people talk about reform...