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Latest Articles

Not Made in God's Image - Oppressing the Feminine in the Name of Religion

Oppressing the Feminine in the Name of Religion

Many birds and animals will torture one of their own to death if it happens to be different or deformed. And one of the most striking features of...

Manipulating Time China's Extraordainry Human Potential Research

China's Extraordainry Human Potential Research

In 2006, I accepted an invitation to visit China and present my experimental research to an elite yet somewhat mysterious group of scientists....

Self-Awareness, Self-Initiation, and Self-Correction as defining qualities of our innate Divinity

In this article, I propose an evolution of those ideas and suggest that these often elusive and under-utilized qualities of self-awareness, self-...

You Have the Amazing Ability to Create Coincidence

As one takes on the task of becoming aware of our thoughts and actions, it is very common to experience what are called synchronistic events or...

Excerpt adapted from the new book of Ramtha’s teachings, The Mind Gladiators of the Future

How would our understanding and experience of time change our lives if we considered it was our thoughts and consciousness what determine our...