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Latest Articles

Interview with Robert Howells

English author Robert Howells has been investigating “secret societies” for several decades and has now published what he has learned...

How Music Connects People - Michael Franti Shows That Music Connects Us – Even When War Seeks to Divide

Michael Franti Shows That Music Connects Us – Even When War Seeks to Divide

American entertainers have a tradition of visiting war zones, from Bob Hope’s USO tours during World War II to Stephen Colbert’s...

Interview with Eva Mozes Kor

Interview with Eva Mozes Kor

Nine-year-old Eva Mozes and her identical twin sister Miriam, their two older sisters, mother and father, along with thousands of other...

Ramtha Teaching

What is honor and impeccability? In this teaching Ramtha explains what distinguishes an honorable person and how it changes the decisions and...

Interview with NASA’s Solar Astrophysicist C. Alex Young, PhD

In this second part of our interview with solar astrophysicist C. Alex Young, PhD, creator of TheSunToday.org, and a member of NASA’s STEREO...